Business Management

Successful organisations, whether large or small, are well managed. The development of management skills within an organisation is an essential part of continued business growth.

Why study the Business Management programme?

The Business Management programme, which is accredited by Ofqual, is a comprehensive and detailed programme which covers the knowledge and skills required in modern business practice. The programme will provide you with an appreciation of the theoretical issues involved in the study of business whilst also helping you to develop a range of practical skills which will enhance your value to employers. Major topics covered in the Business Management programme include management, marketing, economics and accounting.

To aid you in your studying of the Business Management programme, ABE has developed a series of Study Manuals. These books cover all the learning outcomes of the respective syllabuses and are essential reading for all Business Management students, and for students who are studying other ABE programmes which have units which are common to the Business Management programme. These manuals can be ordered in book format, CD-Rom or PDF via the Members Area once you have registered with ABE. Click here to download the order form.

Career Opportunities

The positions below are examples of jobs currently held by ABE Business Management qualification holders. The list is not exhaustive as ABE qualifications are applicable to a wide range of vocations.

Level 4 Diploma in Business Management- Marketing Assistant, Administration Assistant, or Accounts Assistant
Level 5 Diploma in Business Management– Marketing Executive, Management Trainee, or Secretary
Level 6 Diploma in Business Management– Marketing Manager, Office Manager, or HR Manager

Programme structure

The Business Management programme now comprises three pathways*

1. Business Management pathway
2. Business Management – Management of Information Systems pathway
3. Business Management – Financial Management pathway

Each of the pathways is split into three levels: Level 4 Diploma, Level 5 Diploma and Level 6 Diploma as shown in the table below.

ABE has also developed the Extended Diploma in Business Management, comprising 13 units in one stand-alone qualification. It is accredited by Ofqual as a Level 6 qualification. The programme can still be taken as two separate qualifications at Levels 5 and 6. For more information about this qualification, please click here.

Current qualifications offered by the Business Management programme for all pathways:

*Click on the titles below to read the specifications for that qualification*

Qualification Title No. of Units Ofqual No.
ABE Level 4 Diploma in Business Management 4 (500/8792/7)
ABE Level 5 Diploma in Business Management 8 (600/6110/8)
ABE Level 6 Diploma in Business Management 5 (600/6055/4)
ABE Level 6 Extended Diploma in Business Management 13 (600/6087/6)
ABE Level 7 Diploma in Business Management 5 (501/2245/9)

To download a programme brochure - click here

* What is a pathway?
ABE’s Level 4, 5 and 6 Diplomas in Business Management are divided into three separate ‘pathways’. A pathway is a combination of units (with some options within them) which enables you to specialise in a particular area. The three pathways are Business Management, Financial Management, and the Management of Information Systems. All successful students will receive a Diploma in Business Management (at the appropriate level). If you choose to focus on either Financial Management or Management of Information Systems, the relevant pathway will be shown on your award certificate. This will be especially useful if you are considering a career or planning further study in either of these specific areas.


* Click on the individual unit title to view the syllabus for that unit *

Level 4 Diploma

Compulsory units

Level 5 Diploma

Compulsory units

Optional units (choose two from)

Level 6 Diploma

Compulsory units

Optional units (choose two from)

Level 6 Extended Diploma

Compulsory units

Optional units (choose two from)

(and two units from)

Level 7 Diploma

Students who wish to continue their studies after achieving an ABE Level 6 or Extended Diploma, may want to consider the Level 7 Diploma. More information about which can be found here:

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  • To view entry requirements for Levels 4, 5 and 6, please click here

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