ABE launches Commonwealth Home Individual Management Education (CHIME) initiative

CHIME is a programme providing business education courses to those in lockdown, isolation and furlough during the COVID-19 pandemic or other such events. Courses are designed to help people emerge from home isolation better equipped to help their companies and their economies. Social distancing isolation may be imposed by governments on an on-off basis over quite an extended period while the world works its way through the crisis. Aside from giving people something to focus on during periods of social distancing isolation, CHIME will help people  to come out of lockdown periods stronger and more confident in their abilities to assist their employers or run their own businesses. Places on the CHIME programme will be sponsored by leading Commonwealth corporations.   

Find out more about becoming a CHIME sponsor:  PDF icon Download our presentation pack here.

If you are interested in sponsoring individuals through CHIME, please email us.  Please note that we are not taking individual learner applications for CHIME.  Information on where to apply will be made available in due course, once the programme has started.