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ABE Endorsed KidsSDGs

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Providing young people with the foundation to build a more sustainable,  fairer and peaceful world.

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for 2030 are a shared blueprint, adopted by all member states, for a peaceful, prosperous and sustainable future for all.  As we draw closer to the 2030 deadline issues such as equality, health and climate change are becoming ever more pressing.  It is vital that young people understand the fundamental challenges facing our planet, so they can work towards building the future they want to create.


The KidsSDGs programme will enable 11-15 year-olds to advocate, explain and participate in activities that will make the 2030 SDG agenda a reality.

ABE Endorsed KidsSDGs is:

  • Created specifically to meet the needs of learners in key stage 3 (11 -15 year-olds).
  • Adaptable - it can be delivered as a stand-alone enrichment programme or embedded into the curriculum.

Benefits that will last a lifetime.

  • Prepares students for the world of work so they can support the sustainability agenda in everyday life.
  • Enhances awareness of current practices throughout their community and around the world.
  • Empowers learners to make sense of the diverse world and local communities in which they live.
  • Encourages learners to participate in and have a say in decisions that impact them.
  • Deepens learners’ understanding of social science, geography and mathematical concepts through the application of real-life contexts and data.
  • Develops critical thinking and empowers learners to confidently challenge assumptions, decisions and actions.

Helps schools stand out.

This programme provides schools with the opportunity to add value to their curriculum, placing sustainability and ethics at the centre of their teaching.  

Schools have a critical role in raising awareness of the global challenges we are facing and how SDGs will help to secure positive change.  With this programme, school leaders can leverage their position and transform their learning environments into innovative and dynamic hubs which lead on SDGs and equip students with knowledge and skills that will help them create a more sustainable future.

'Out of the box' delivery package.

KidsSDGs is supported by a comprehensive range of resources providing everything needed to start teaching from day one:

  • Teacher programme delivery guide
  • Scheme of work (syllabus)
  • Lesson plan per module
  • PowerPoint slides per module
  • Pupil handouts/activities per module
  • Assessments per module
  • Project criteria/framework

Programme overview.

There are 18 modular programmes all consisting of an overview of SDGs. 

Programme 1 will be an introduction to ‘what are SDGs?’ followed by 17 x 1-hour programmes each aligned to one of the 17 SDGs.  The modules will be assessed by a simple multiple-choice test.  The end of the programme will be a competitive sustainability project, with students coming up with a sustainability idea which they pitch.  The winning idea is implemented by the school to improve its sustainability. 

There will be a digital certificate of achievement for each student who completes the programme.

The programme brochure:


Developed in partnership with The Sustainability Academy.

Sustainability Academy