82 per cent of young people want to start their own business, according to research by ABE

A new survey shows a distinct entrepreneurial desire amongst young people in the UK in the wake of A-level results.

New research by ABE has revealed that more than four in five young people aged between 16 and 21 in the UK are interested in starting their own business. This figure bodes well for the future of entrepreneurial innovation in the UK, and demonstrates that university does not have to be the only option in the wake of A-level results day. This is according to awarding body and global non-profit organisation ABE, which launched its Level 3 Certificate in Business Start-up today.

The survey, conducted by Censuswide on behalf of ABE, asked 500 young people about their entrepreneurial ambitions. According to the research, 82 per cent of respondents plan to start a business in the future, or would consider starting one, and four per cent have already launched one. In addition, almost 90 per cent would like to start a business if barriers such as financial constraints or a lack of skills were removed. These statistics show that it is time to find ways to better harness these entrepreneurial abilities.