ABE alumni, Muhammad Alamgir Chaudhary, appointed ABE Pakistan president | ABE UK

ABE alumni, Muhammad Alamgir Chaudhary, appointed ABE Pakistan president

Muhammad Alamgir Chaudhary achieved an ABE Advanced (now called Level 6) Diploma in Business Management in 2007.

He also holds an MSc in Mechanical Engineering and is a highly respected leader of organisations. He currently holds the position of CEO of SMEDA and general manager of Outreach. He joins with this message for ABE learners:

"I, on the behalf of Association of Business Executives (ABE) welcome you to our prestigious and multi-faceted group of dedicated professionals. ABE provides a multitude of opportunities for all those interested to challenge and expand their educational horizons. We also offer you global career opportunities through networking amongst our internationally diverse student base.

Today’s professional world calls for dynamic individuals owning a diverse set of management skills backed by relevant qualifications. ABE provides you with a platform to adequately meet such challenging demands.

ABE helps you in career progression by offering you an opportunity to switch from your present area of working to alternate avenues by assuming highly responsible positions, a feature driven by demands of both working professionals and the self-employed.

I assure you that your journey with ABE will not only be a learning experience par-excellence, but also a step towards achieving your ultimate professional goals. I invite you to join our community and allow us to become another feather in your cap.