ABE Business Stay-up Award Winner 2018

Ghana basket 1The winner of the ABE Business Stay-up Award 2018 is:

Gambibgo Anongtaaba Basket Weavers Association, Ghana  (email: anongtaababasket@yahoo.com contact number: +233209318655 / +233544261737   )

- congratulations from all at ABE.  This award is for an ABE alumni entrepreneur who is using their business management skills to give their enterprise the best chance of growth and sustainability.

About Gambibgo Anongtaaba Basket Weavers Association 

The Gambibgo Anongtaaba Basket Weavers Association is a social enterprise started by ABE alumni,  Joseph Ayamga, who told us, "While I was trying to achieved my ABE qualification, I decided to set up this organisation with the aim of creating employment by bringing all baskets weavers within my community together to produce very high quality products for both the local and international markets."

Ghana basket 4Why Gambibgo Anongtaaba Basket Weavers Association deserves recognition

By applying his business management skills, Joseph has set up an enterprise which is helping to improve living conditions  for his entire community.   This initiative is creating employment for women, mostly widows, and young people.  Joseph explains, "Basket weaving has brought great relief to  my community as it's a source of employment for them.  It helps them to take care of their family affairs ie. paying children's school fees, accessing proper health care services and providing food for their households."

Business skills used to create growth for Gambibgo Anongtaaba Basket Weavers Association 

Product development

Ghana basket 2

More value was added to the baskets through the development of  improved designs,  different colour arrangements and new shapes and sizes.  To ensure that the Association built a reputation for quality, Joseph provides hands on coaching, group works and lectures.


Joseph successfully applied for funding from the US Embassy in Ghana under a self-help programme.  This enabled him to build a community centre which is used for weaving and storing materials.  

Ghana basket 3Marketing

To help increase sales, Joseph applied marketing segmentation methods.  This helped him identify different types of product for different customer needs and produce the right basket in the right quantity at the right time.  He also identified potential customers and locations,  attended trade shows and advertised his products.  He tells us, "What I learned from my ABE course also helped me communicate effectively with my customers."

Joseph's final comments

"It's very difficult to start up a business, but the knowledge I have gained through my study with ABE has helped me to achieve my aim of starting my own business in my community.  I  encourage everyone who aims to start a business,  to study an ABE course.  For all those that are already studying, be serious, ABE has a lot to offer. Thanks."

Ghana basket 5Ghana basket 5