ABE is a finalist for the prestigious Collaboration of the Year Award

Collaboration of the year logoWe’re delighted to announce that ABE has been selected as a finalist for the prestigious Federation of Awarding Bodies (FAB) Collaboration of the Year Award.   This is a result of our Business Stay-up campaign in which ABE collaborated with The Entrepreneurs Network (TEN), a think tank which aims to bridge the gap between entrepreneurs and policymakers. 

Business Stay-up is a campaign and research project which is raising awareness of how more could be done to support vulnerable businesses through education. To do this ABE and TEN commissioned independent research which took findings from over 10,000 business owners across 21 countries.  The campaign also gained the support of the UK government’s All-Party Parliamentary Group for Entrepreneurship which fed into the research.

The project demonstrates the impact that an awarding organisation can have when it uses its expertise in a wider context. The actions resulting from Business Stay-Up have the potential to impact positively on the wealth and prosperity of the next generation of would-be entrepreneurs and their future employees. The findings are being put-forward as a basis for policy development, not just in the UK but over 2019 they will be rolled-out to numerous emerging economies.

ABE is leading this research because we care deeply about getting it right. Business Stay-up is looking at the type of learning and credentials that would have the most impact, ensuring that ABE’s suite of entrepreneurial learning products are based on original, independent, globally-reflective research.