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ABE gives all members a world-class digital learning package

We are delighted to announce that from the week commencing 31st January,  we are introducing our most exciting membership benefit to date: the ABE Edge. No other exam board offers anything comparable as part of its standard membership package.

This is a world-class digital learning platform providing easy access to resources, easy communication between students and tutors, plus a library of continuing professional development (CPD) courses absolutely free to all ABE centres and active members. 

Why is ABE offering the Edge?

Vicky Mose, Director of Products and Services, explains, "Last year we published the ABE Way manifesto.  This outlined our collective beliefs and values.  It highlighted that ABE is about more than just qualifications and passing exams.  We want to equip our members with the skills, self-belief and adaptability to thrive in a volatile world.  Providing easy, affordable access to certified CPD courses to complement the in-depth skills and knowledge developed by our qualifications is part of this commitment.  The package also enables centres, which don't have VLEs, to offer hybrid learning - potentially saving them thousands of pounds and helping them future proof their business."

What does ABE Edge do?

Firstly, for those studying ABE qualifications, it provides a quick and easy chat facility with tutors, access all study resources.  There is also a useful news feature so it's easy to keep up to date with important announcements from ABE and centres.  

But the most exciting new offer provided by ABE Edge is a library of short CPD courses.  Members can choose from this library according to interests and career needs and it will be kept up to date as we will be adding new courses regularly.  Every course completed will provide a digital ABE Certified certificate of achievement which can added to a professional profile.  This is why we think Edge will give ABE members their biggest-ever advantage in the workplace.

ABE Edge is available via an app so it's easy to access on a mobile and the CPD courses are quick to do so they can fit conveniently around other commitments. 

How do I get the ABE Edge?

If you do not have a current ABE membership join us now and join the global network of like-minded professionals who have benefitted from an ABE qualification.  You can enquire at a your local centre or join us online via the WU GlobalPay portal here.  If you have a lapsed membership you can rejoin us using the reactivation form  here.

If you have an active membership, during launch week (31st January) you will receive an email from the platform with your login information. Before this, we will publish further details, so you know what to look out for, along with a user guide so you can get going straight away.