ABE shortlisted for two prestigious awards

FAB ExporterFAB Collaboration


We're delighted to announce that ABE has been selected as a finalist for two prestigious industry awards - the Federation of Awarding Bodies (FAB): Collaboration of the Year and Exporter of the Year.   

Exporter of the Year 

We have been shortlisted for this award in recognition of ABE’s on-going commitment as a provider of qualifications and education services internationally.  We currently operate in more than 30 countries across four continents.

In 2019, ABE achieved 18% growth in export revenues, tracking at 14% above the annual growth rate for transnational education exports (source: UK Government International Education Strategy 2019).

ABE did this by focusing on the skills needed in some of the world’s most challenging environments, targeting ‘frontier economies’ (low-and-middle income countries spread across the global south) through a mixture of political advocacy, a unique local affiliate business model and new courses which can be contextualised for local markets.

ABE’s recipe for success involved a three-pronged approach:

  • Influencing the uptake of qualifications through national systems, highlighting ways to improve human capital through skills development policies.
  • Establishing a local affiliate model, enabling a global-local approach
  • Ensuring that the qualification syllabus respects and reflects local priorities and cultures

Collaboration of the Year

ABE and the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organisation Read and Earn Federation (UNESCO REF) have been shortlisted for this award for our collaboration on an economic capacity building project providing a course in entrepreneurial skills which could be delivered digitally to 120,000 young people in Nigeria every year.  The project is also supported by the Central Bank of Nigeria and aligned to addressing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals: quality education, decent work and economic growth.

Using ABE’s skills development expertise and UNESCO REF’s experience in delivery by VLE to people in challenging circumstances, we set up a collaboration to meet the following objectives:

1. To encourage entrepreneurship for job creation thereby ending forced labour, modern slavery and human trafficking. 

2. To provide young people with the opportunity to acquire qualitative international entrepreneurship skills and knowledge in order to contribute to the nation's economic growth (with a focus on the inclusion of women)

3. To increase the economic capacity – by enabling young people to learn and understand the dynamics of approaching and dealing with international markets. 

Combining a laser-focus on objectives, with world class learning content, digital delivery and ensuring strong partner relations, this 10-year project is on target to produce a generation of entrepreneurs, helping Nigeria to take its place in the global economy.

Since the project started, it has gathered support from the Nigerian Police Force, the Nigerian National Youth Service Corps and the Office of the President of Nigeria. These stakeholders will help ensure that entrepreneurial skills provided by ABE and facilitated by UNESCO REF are adopted in national community-based programmes.

Speaking about the nominations ABE's Chief Executive, Rob May said, "This is a wonderful reflection on all the hard work our team have put in. I’m so proud!"