Assignment briefs for March 2019 are in the portal

To find the March19 Assignment Brief list go to the My Learning area and click on Exam Preparation

When you go to Exam Preparation click on the wording All Units

You will see a list of various ABE resources. Please note that the pdf documents ending in 'FINAL AB March 2019' are your assignment briefs for this sesssion.

You can also find a full list of the March assignment briefs in the portal by typing 'AB MARCH 2019' into the dashboard search bar.

To help you take the best practice approach to your assignments we have created an Assignment Style Guide. This is packed with useful information and guidance so please do read it in preparation for the forthcoming March session. 

You can download the assignment style guide by clicking PDF icon here and it is stored in the ABE info tab of your portal library.

We have also put together 'A Simple Yet Effective Guide To Writing the Perfect Assignment' containing helpful tips designed to help you tackle the question effectively.