Centres invited to attend meetings to support remote teaching and best practice

Open-book exams in June 2020 are being supported with a series of country by country advice sessions for centre staff and lecturers new to the format.  These sessions will  be hosted remotely by ABE's Director of Global Products & Services, Vicky Mose, and ABE's Chief Examiner, Gillian Hayter, who will help centres understand the requirements of the open-book exams and also provide advice on best practice for teaching and supporting students remotely.

ABE Myanmar would like to invite all its accredited centres to attend the Myanmar session on 29 May 3.30pm to 4.45.  To reserve your place please contact myanmar@abeuk.com.

ABE in Africa and the Caribbean are having their assessment meetings on Friday 22nd - please contact your country's ABE manager if you are from a centre and have not yet confirmed your attendance.