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New website launches ABE's branded house strategy

greater reach

ABE is internationally recognised for providing qualifications which give individuals the skills they need to excel in business and entrepreneurship.  Our history in providing programmes which help people change their lives for the better is something we are immensely proud of and our professional business diplomas, delivered through an international network of high quality TVET and tertiary centres, remain a highly valued cornerstone of our business.  

However, in recent years our expertise in business skills development and our passion for delivering positive change through entrepreneurship has led us provide a much wider range of services.  In 2019, for example, in addition to growing our TVET and tertiary market, we launched our first product specifically for schools (ABE Endorsed KidsMBA), worked on several economic capacity building programmes partnering with organisations such as UNESCO Read and Earn Federation, and we are adding to our range of corporate solutions.  

Hence we have coupled our corporate ABE brand with the slogan 'Advancing Business Education', which explains what we do in all areas of our business, and from here we now have a sub-brand for each of the four markets we serve.

The benefits

As ABE continues to grow and diversify across the four categories, the branded house strategy will ensure that we become stronger and more relevant in each.  It will provide a clear and specific focus on each sector, ensuring  messaging and support does not get lost in a plethora of information about other products and services.  

We are excited about this next stage of growth in the ABE journey.  It will become clearer to all, what ABE does and why we do it and this in turn will benefit stakeholders in every category as we provide: greater reach, more impact.