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An outstanding updated qualification portfolio designed for the future

The new updated ABE professional portfolio is designed to provide the dynamic skills you need to succeed in business for the coming decades. 

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During 2016, ABE undertook extensive research into the business skills needed for the future – 2020 and beyond. The findings have helped to inform the design and development of content for ABE’s updated qualifications. We will equip learners with the most relevant skills for the current and future business environment.  

Our research looked at the environmental changes and emerging trends that act as drivers for the demand for and development of the skills needed for business success.  It highlighted the importance of having a set of strong core business skills that can be flexible and adapted to diverse business contexts.

This research, along with consultation with employers and subject experts and, of course, feedback from our centres and learners, has provided the backdrop for the development of ABE’s outstanding newly updated portfolio. 

The updated ABE portfolio  

With future employability and practical workplace skills embedded into every module, our updated qualifications will continue to be:  

  • Fully regulated by Ofqual 
  • Flexible – units can be studied over any time period 
  • Relevant to real life work situations  in a business context 
  • Internationally recognised  
  • A route to a great career
  • A fast and affordable pathway to a Bachelors or Masters degree

Plus, they are even better because:  

  • They will provide more opportunity to apply learning to a regional or local business environment 
  • They draw on the latest business practices
  • They are accompanied by more study resources  
  • They provide clearer progression to university - qualifications have 120 credits (with the option of a 60 credit diploma at Level 4) 

Assessment by assignment

Another strength of the updated portfolio is that ABE qualifications will now have a mix of assessment methods.  

Some units will continue to be assessed by exams whilst others will require a written assignment.  Assignments will provide new opportunities to demonstrate knowledge and show how it can applied in a local setting and real life working environment

We will be offering four assessment sessions for assignments which will make it easier to pace learning and, should they be necessary, re-takes can be done more quickly.

Timeline for release of updated qualifications

ABE will launch its updated Business Management qualifications in June 2017.

Marketing and Human Resource (HR) modules will be launched in December 2017.  However, students will be able to start these programmes by studying their core business management units first and then following with the HR / Marketing specific units next year. 

Here are the key dates for our updated qualifications.

Qualifications (RQF) New centre RQF applications accepted from First new learner registrations Booking deadline for first assessment session - December 2017*
L3/L4/L5/L6 all programmes 1st January 2017 June 2017 6 October 2017

* Selected units

Final dates for QCF qualifications

ABE is regulated by the British Government’s regulatory authority, Ofqual, which has issued a new Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF) to replace the QCF – the framework on which most of the current ABE qualifications sit.  

The updated ABE portfolio will be on the RQF and we must cease offering QCF or NQF qualifications by the end of 2017.   The timeline is as follows

Qualification (QCF) Final date – new learner registrations Final exam booking date – June 2017 session  Final exam booking date – December 2017 session  
Level 7 Business Management Ceased 7 April 2017 6 October 2017
QCF qualifications Level 4, 5 and 6 3 March 2017 7 April 2017 6 October 2017
NQF Certificate Botswana 3 March 2017 7 April 2017 6 October 2017


No longer available

One of the outcomes of this undertaking is that when the QCF expires at the end of 2017, some of ABE’s qualifications will not be replaced with directly comparable RQF alternatives.  This is because we are investing heavily in ensuring that our high-demand Business Management based qualifications are accompanied by outstanding learning resources and will equip learners in every country and industry with skills to excel in any business environment.  

The academic credentials and workplace credibility of our discontinued qualifications remain unchanged.  The updated qualifications incorporate and build on the strengths of ABE’s portfolio and the consolidation allows us to invest in better learning support resources.

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