Senior Management Team

The Senior Management Team provides day to day leadership for ABE, overseeing a working environment which supports the effective achievement of goals and priorities, and maintaining all necessary standards of compliance and good practice. 

Rob May, Chief Executive

Rob May

Rob has led ABE since 2017. He has held leadership roles in some of the world’s most respected education brands including City & Guilds Group, Cambridge Assessment/OCR and YMCA. Rob has substantial experience in UK and international education markets and has launched customer-centred change programmes, business models, digital services and product roll-outs across the UK, Africa, CARICOM and China ASEAN.

He is a Non-Executive Director at the Federation of Awarding Bodies and is Chair of the Federation’s International Forum. Rob is also a member of the advisory council of the Commonwealth Enterprise and Investment Council.

Rob has a special interest in encouraging high-impact entrepreneurship as an engine of sustainable growth. He is the founder and driving force behind the Business Stay-Up initiative, a research-led campaign to raise awareness of the challenges business owners face as they seek to survive and scale and understand what can be done to increase the probability of success. Rob’s focus is on creating value for ABE customers and learners through product innovation, quality and learner experience. 

Steve Smith, Director of Business Development & Deputy CEO

Steve Smith

Steve is a highly-experienced Commercial Director who is responsible for the management of ABE’s strategic and operational commercial activities globally. Prior to ABE, Steve held senior Business Development roles at Cambridge Assessment (OCR) and NCC Education. Steve brings specific expertise in engaging and influencing at executive level, supporting large corporate clients, governments, NGOs, colleges and other key stakeholders across numerous international markets, including many of the world’s fastest growing economies.

Steve is committed to building on ABE’s long and proud history of reducing inequality within, and amongst countries and in delivering on ABE’s mission to provide learners across the globe with the highest quality trans-national education experiences, allowing them to achieve success and prosperity for themselves and their communities.

Cynthia Deyzel, Director of Finance & Operations

Cynthia DeyzelCynthia is an ACCA qualified accountant with extensive experience working in finance in various international markets and industries. Originally from South Africa, Cynthia feels strongly about providing accessible, affordable education to emerging markets, which provides the ability to transform the lives of learners around the world.  Having obtained an MSc in Professional Accountancy (University College London), Cynthia is keen to utilise these skills to help deliver ABE’s strategy of being the pioneer in global business education.


Linda Wilkin, Head of Marketing

Linda WilkinLinda has been involved in education marketing since 2005, initially working for Kingston University.  She finds the sector rewarding and loves the challenge and variety that ABE offers.  Her favourite part of the role is hearing of the success of members around the world and knowing her work supports future generations of learners by raising awareness of the skills they will bring to the workplace.

Before working in education, Linda spent many years in entertainment marketing.  She has worked with major brands from toys, publishing and gaming including Action Man, Where’s Wally?, Super Mario Bros and Sonic the Hedgehog.  Her past successes include launching TaeBo to become the UK's biggest-selling exercise video of its time and winning Awards of Excellence for her campaigns.

Linda is also qualified in journalism and, prior to taking the helm as managing editor of ABE’s Focus (previously Student Focus) magazine, has written articles for national consumer publications and edited business advice books.

Vicky Mose,  Director of Global Services & Products

Vicky MoseVicky has a vast knowledge of technical education, she is an experienced product management leader with a demonstrated history of working in the education management industry, covering both training and awarding. She is qualified in teaching, assessing and external quality assurance. She is skilled in product life-cycle management, qualification development, valuing stakeholder engagement and collaborative working. Vicky holds a Bachelor of Science (Hons) Degree in Psychology and is committed to applying this to team development, leadership and mentoring. Vicky is passionate about driving ABE’s product portfolio forward and providing our customers with the products and services they need to succeed.