Tips to pass exams 2 | ABE UK

ABE’s Top Tips to Help You Pass Your Exams - On the Day

You’ve worked hard,  you’ve followed our Top Tips for Revision.  Now all you’ve got to do is sit your exam.  To help you get the grade you deserve, follow these simple steps to exam success.

1. Read each question thoroughly to make sure you understand exactly what is expected of you.   Underline all the command words in the question (these are the ‘instruction’ words, such as ‘identify’, ‘describe’ or ‘explain’).  PDF icon Here is a guide to command words.

2. Ask yourself  ‘what does the examiner want me to do?’ so you can give the kind of answer they are looking for. 

3. Plan how you are going to answer the question and tick off each item when you have completed it. Make sure that your answer covers all the command words used in the question.  

4. Take a note of the time allowed for each question and plan your answers accordingly.

5. Keep your answers concise.  You won’t get extra marks for giving information that is not required and it wastes your valuable time. 

Finally, keep calm and remember the exam is only there to help you prove what you have learnt. 

We wish you every success.  Do share any top tips of your own.

Good luck.