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The ABE Diploma assignment process explained

If you’re new to assignments, to help you get a clear idea of what the steps are, here is a brief overview of the ABE process.

Step one: designing the assignment brief

Each assessment session has a brand new brief for every assignment unit in the same way as each exam session has a new set of question papers.   Always make sure you are working to the brief for next assessment session.  Each brief is clearly labelled with the session it was written for (speak to your centre if you have any concerns).

Throughout the year ABE’s subject experts work on carefully creating new assignment briefs.  These are designed so that you can hone your work to show that you have met the learning outcomes and have the know-how to apply your knowledge to a real-world scenario.   After the subject expert has designed the brief it is proof read, sense checked and reviewed again to ensure it is clear and meets the required academic standard.

Once we are completely satisfied that the brief fully meets its criteria, it is typeset ready for publication.

Step two: publishing the assignment brief

Approximately eight weeks prior to the assignment deadline we publish the brief on the portal.  When new assignment briefs are published we email centres, announce it on our website and portal home page, and also share on social media.

You can check the date the next assignment brief will be published here on the website:

Keep a note of the publication dates so that you can download your next assessment’s assignment briefs as soon as they become available.  That way you maximise the time you have to perfect your work.  Allow six weeks to complete your assignment because your centre will need it in good time before the deadline.

Step three: submitting assignments

Centres collect their learners’ assignments and submit them to ABE in one batch.  This ensures the centre can verify the assignment is their learners’ own work.   Please liaise with your centre and work to their submission deadline which should be well in advance of ABE’s deadline to allow plenty of time for them to collate all the assignments, complete the necessary paperwork and send on to us.

The assignment deadline ABE publishes is the absolute last date that assignments can be received at ABE from a centre.  In exactly the same way as you cannot sit an exam a day late, if assignments are not received by ABE in time, we cannot include them in the assessment session.  This is because we have to ensure that each assessment is fair and everyone has the same length of time to complete their work. 

For this reason, we do not recommend centres wait until the day of the deadline to send us their learners’ assignments as this does not leave time to deal with problems.   

We send frequent reminders to centres as the deadline approaches so do liaise closely with your centre and aim to complete your assignments at least a week before the ABE deadline.

Step four: when ABE receives your assignment

ABE uses sophisticated software to ensure that the assignment is an original work and the first thing that happens when assignments are received is that they are checked for plagiarism (copying).  If an assignment is highlighted as being copied it is referred for further review to ensure there is not a reasonable explanation for this (such as incorrect referencing). 

Please be meticulous about using Harvard referencing for any information or quotes you use from external sources, as this will avoid your work unnecessarily failing the plagiarism check. 

Whilst the plagiarism checks are taking place, assignments are dispatched to our team of subject experts for marking without prejudice in the usual way.  

Further recommended reading around assignments include:

  • ABE Assignment Guide – this includes details of how to correctly layout your assignment including incorporating Harvard referencing – it is available from the library of your portal
  • Guide to command words – this gives you vital information about the type of assignment the examiner is looking for based on the language they use – see below: it is also available from the library of your portal
  • Simple yet effective guide to writing the perfect assignment blog link here

PDF icon ABE guide to command words.pdf

We hope this is helpful and wish you every success.