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ABE Tanzania alumni networking cocktail evening by Zaituni Ituja

On Saturday 22nd October Tanzania had its ABE alumni networking cocktail event, which saw ABE centres, students, the regulatory authority, the exam centre provider, HR professionals, the media and other interested parties at the Best Western Coral Beach, a hotel set by the ocean just out of the busy city centre. 

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The aim of the evening was to network among stakeholders but also discuss challenges.  A panel of four people including one ABE student, an ABE alumni currently working as an HR professional and who has worked for various multinational companies (so proud of her), a representative from an ABE centre as well as our very own Aloyo, Regional Manager for East Africa to give his Kenyan experience . The panel answered questions with great insights and thoughts put to light. 

A guided speed networking session provided a very fun way of getting people to actively learn about each other. Guests were asked to find a table and got ten minutes for each of the group to introduce themselves. After the first ten minutes, guests were asked to switch tables and their followed another round of introductions at different tables.

In a nutshell, the event was highly applauded by attendants and who requested more suche events for networking and discussing matters related to education and employment. A NACTE (regulatory authority) representative also recommended for ABE to champion the formation of a working group involving all ABE centres to deal with common problems with a united voice.

We had a great deal of fun, good food, relaxing music, lovely views of the ocean and most of all, great company. Many thanks for everyone who made it a success.

Our event has been covered in various blog entries as below, as well as in print media and more coverage is expected.