Alyssa Sawh, Trinidad & Tobago – Top Paper Award in The Business Environment studied at CTS College of Business and Computer Science

Picture of Alyssa SawhI consider myself very fortunate to be blessed with two sets of parents as well as two lovely sisters, who have always encouraged me along the paths that I have chosen. After having been successful at both Ordinary and Advanced Level Examination in Business Studies, Accounting and Economics, I decided to pursue ABE in an effort to become more proficient. I am currently the Customer Care Coordinator at a prominent financial institution.

I chose to study ABE because I saw the massive impact being ABE qualified had on my co-workers and peers in getting ahead of the rest in their relevant jobs.  After doing my own research I decided that in order to achieve career goals ABE was the program for me.

Almost all employers in Trinidad and Tobago recognise and accept ABE qualifications in Trinidad and Tobago.  In fact, there are even some companies that grant their employees the opportunity to study ABE at the employers' expense in an effort to get their staff more efficient and effective in carry out their jobs.  So I can safely say that ABE has definitely made a mark in Trinidad and Tobago.

After having completed my current ABE qualification, I intend to continue to the next levels of the course and go on to do my Business Management degree using ABE as my stepping stone.

For me there isn't just one best thing about studying ABE, but to name a few I really like that the materials are so user friendly and easy to comprehend .   My ABE lectures are also very competent in relation to the relevant courses and that I think is a definite plus to this program.

I also think the methods that ABE utilises of relaying information on changes, updates, exams and materials is very effective and user friendly.

By studying ABE it has allowed me to directly relate the theoretical concepts from the classroom to performing my job in the workplace. 

My long term career plans for the future is to become a board appointed official for the financial institution I am currently working for, allowing me use my knowledge and expertise learnt from all educational endeavours.