Amosi Robert Banda, Malawi – Top Paper Award in Organisational Behaviour studied at the University of Malawi Management Centre

Picture of Amosi BandaMy home district is Lilongwe and I am the last born in a family of five.  I did my Level 4 Diploma in Human Resource Management in 2013 at Beston College of Accountancy and I thank my lecture Mr Sisha  for his dedication and time.  Currently I am studying for the Level 5 Diploma at  Management Development Centre, Polytechnic, and here appreciation should go to my lecturer in Organisation Behaviour, Lumbani Mzumara, for his assistance, experience and being a highly principled and focused lecturer.

I am working with Lilongwe Handling Company as a Human Resources Officer and thanks should also go to my work peers in the HR department for their support.  I chose ABE because of the professional qualifications it offers, which are recognised by employers worldwide and as such I trust ABE.   It is a professional body which is contributing to the corporate world with skilled, qualified, competent and flexible personnel able to meet the changing demands of the corporate world.

After I have completed ABE I plan to pursue a Bachelors degree at one of the universities here in Malawi and, if given the chance, overseas.  One of the best things about ABE is the easy way to progress to a Bachelors or Masters degree and also its international recognition which acts as an advantage in the international labour market.  The skills I have gained are leadership and team management, reasoning, time management and interpersonal skills.

My long term plans are to complete this programme up to Masters level with an internationally recognised institution and to promote sound labour relations and employment practices within industry.  I want to ensure that people management in organisations is entrusted to the right individuals with the requisite knowledge and skills to uphold the credibility and value that HR contributes to the strategic objectives of an organisation.