Anita Kharapuwa, Malawi - Top Paper Award in Managing People studied at The University of Malawi Management Development Centre

Anita Kharapuwa I learnt about ABE in an MDC newspaper advert.

I chose to study Human Resource Management with ABE, because of three main reasons. Firstly, ABE is an examining board that is recognised the world over and secondly, I saw that it is a rich area of study with a great career path. Lastly, I look at my ABE HRM qualification like a master key that opens doors for me. After I complete Level 6, I can do a degree or study towards a Masters in HRM. 

I attribute my overall success to several factors. The first is that I prayed a lot and put all my trust in Jehovah to help me with tuition, exam fees, good health, and exam success. Secondly, to pass any ABE examination, one has to know the subject content and demonstrate it in your answers. As such, it is vital to study hard. Thirdly, I looked at past papers to get myself familiarised with the way questions are asked and how to answer them. Fourth, I had group discussions with my classmates where we would also go through past papers together.

I have many plans for the future. Among them is a great career in Human Resource Management.