Anjalee Wijewardane, Sri Lanka – Top Paper Award in People Planning and Resourcing (self-study)

Anjalee WijewardaneBeing 19 years and the youngest in a family of four, I am guided by all. Dancing and tasting various kinds of food are two of my greatest passions. I am from a city called Gampaha. After my school career, I started my higher education with ABE. Currently I am working in the Compliance Department at HSBC to get first-hand experience in a professional working environment.

It was prominently my brother who inspired me to follow this course. He studied with ABE and upon his completion of Level 6, the recognition he obtained from universities to complete his Bachelors final year was immense. I followed the same path and was welcomed by many universities to complete my undergraduate degree.

As I needed proper guidance and assistance to begin my journey with ABE, I joined London Business School where I got an idea of the curriculum of ABE and completed the first semester of Level 5. Once I was fully aware of the procedures and material ABE provides online, I applied as a private candidate for the second semester.  I went to classes for 2 subjects. The other subjects, and the one for which I won the Top Paper Award; People Planning and Resourcing, were successfully accomplished at home by self-learning.

ABE is very much recognised by many employers and the public in Sri- Lanka and I am thankful that ABE makes UK education more accessible to Sri-Lankan students, hence increasing our employability.

I have already taken the necessary steps to start my final year to receive a Bachelors in Human Resource Management. Meanwhile I am planning to work in the field of Human Resource Management in a reputable company where I can gain professional experience and transfer the knowledge and skills I developed from ABE, along with my people-oriented skills, to a working environment.

For me, it was the flexibility of the course which encouraged me to self- learn at my own pace. Furthermore, I was able to balance my studies along with my full-time job at the bank. For this, I am immensely grateful to ABE as I planned out my own time to study whenever I wished.

The interest I had in the subject of Human Resource Management grew as I learnt the modules in depth. With the knowledge I was equipped with, I was able to apply it to the working environment I was exposed to.  Ranging from a large scope, of how to utilise the unique human resources in an organisation to gain competitive advantage, to the other little aspects that strongly matter like communicating to people in an efficient manner.

My skills in negotiating, communicating and managing conflicts sharpened. Meanwhile, it also had a positive impact on my personal life in how I must approach and win the hearts of people with various personalities and cultural backgrounds.

I was able to win the Top Paper Award for People Planning and Resourcing as I studied the subject in a methodical manner. I questioned myself on areas of doubt and gained more clarity by reading related books. Networking with peers, discussing, sharing ideas and researching are among the techniques I used.

I also referred to past papers, clear syllabus, course contents, the valuable study material and the regular educational tips and updates from the ABE website.

Now with the strong foundation I have built in my life with ABE, I have clear plans to work one day as Human Resource Manager in a well-reputed and challenging organisation. I will accomplish my Masters and continue to study further in this field.