Blog - January 2016

Picture of Ilham Yasin Ismail ABE has been a perfect stepping stone for my endeavours and the course provides a deep insight that will make my degree pursuit more achievable.

Ilham is working through the ABE levels before going on to a degree and then developing her career in business.


"Picture of Letitia NetteyFor me, the best thing about studying with ABE is the manageable course content and the flexibility it allows me. The study manuals are easy to understand and the past exam papers and suggested answers are an adequate guide to how the exams are to be answered."

Letitia plans to use the knowledge she has gained from her studies to go on and become a successful entrepreneur.

Picture of Anishta Beesoon“The best thing about studying with ABE is that I can learn at my own pace.  I have gained so many skills!”

Anishta manages to combine study with working for a large telecommunications company and being a mum.

Picture of Preet Singh"The best way to study the course is to pay close attention to the learning outcomes. I have been studying using the manuals provided by ABE and have found it easier to study the material using the outcomes. I would recommend courses by ABE to anyone who seeks a fast and easier way to move up the ladder."

Preet plans to use the knowledge from his studies to help him expand his family's business.


Picture of Lazarina Matuta“I have acquired  the ability to apply economic reasoning about management and solve organisational and business problems through logical quantitative methods, proper standard accounting and appropriate business communication.”

Lazarina is combining her studies with working as a self-employed fine artist.

Picture of Deirdre Sacha Campbell"Employers and the public are both very impressed with ABE." 

Deirdre chose ABE because she wanted a flexible course that would help her in her ambition to run her own business. 

Picture of Kondwani Mzumara The best thing about ABE is the acquisition of practical business related knowledge and skills such as Accounting, Economics, Marketing and Human Resource Management. It is very practical in the business field.”

Mzumara is using his ABE studies to grow his expertise in business finance.

Picture of Lindiwe Chakhala“The best thing about studying with ABE was the support and encouragement the lecturers gave to my class and the detailed lectures.”

Having completed her ABE qualifications Lindiwe is now going on to study at a UK university.

"Picture of Raj SeenaraineFor me, the ABE course has helped me to acquire a better understanding of the business world, improving my interpersonal and analytical skills, being a people or team leader and has given me other lifelong benefits."

Raj is combining his business education with working as a supervisor in the pharmaceutical industry.

Picture of Galaletsang TsimaneABE produces candidates who are well versed in different professions, focused and well informed about business globally.”

Galaletsang is using her ABE studies to help her develop a career in Botswana's growing tourism industry.