Blog - February 2016

We've had lots of positive responses to our new website - thank you to everyone for your support.

Picture of Foy Franklin NjohI have enjoyed the entire experience  of studying with ABE; from the challenging beginnings to now the new Level 7 experience, it has just been a phenomenal package to become a business professional.”

Foy is originally from Cameroon and has an Environmental Science background.  He felt Business Management would help him in further in his ambition to build his own successful company and chose to study in the UK as an international student.

Picture of Beatrice Chellemben EXELCO LOGO“Studying with ABE has brought new goals in my life and made me realise that I can do better and move further in my profession.”

Beatrice is sponsored her employer, Exelco, to take ABE qualifications.  Companies are increasingly recognising how they benefit from the professional skills that ABE develops.

"Picture of SUWILANJI SIAMEMy employers recognise ABE as a qualification of efficiency. Our organisation’s Business Development Manager is an ABE graduate and so are some members of our sales and marketing department. This evidently demonstrates the organisation’s recognition of ABE as a superior qualification."

A chance meeting led commercial TV producer, Suwilanji, to choose ABE, it's a choice he has never looked back from.

Picture of Mathilde Ip Kai Ming"My job right now is quite challenging and innovating, giving me the opportunity to apply what I have learned with ABE in my work environment."   

Having completed her Diploma, Mathilde is now embarking on her career and is working as an intern in the HR department of Barclays Bank.