Blog - April 2016

Alice, Bonnie, Karen - KenyaABE's international product development director, Karen Beamish, describes the invaluable contribution made by learners, centres and employers in Kenya, on the final part of her tour round Africa with product owner, Alice Salter.

Malawi Focus GroupAlice Salter (product owner) describes meeting learners, centres, regulators and employers with Karen Beamish (product development director) on an unforgettable first-ever trip to Malawi.  

Alice SalterAs part of our Qualification Review ABE's product development team is touring the world to talk to ABE learners, centres, employers, and local regulators and education authorities about their aspirations and needs for the future.  Here, ABE Product Owner, Alice Salter, described her first stop in Botswana.


Rem Varma

Following ABE's agreement with Telfort Education Group in November, ABE returned to China for the launch roadshow and the official opening of of ABE China Examination Centres and area office. 

ABE's regional director, Ren Varma, describes an event filled trip...

PATRICK MUTHENGI“ABE helped me to discover my strengths. The course equipped me well to discover my passion for marketing. My marketing skills were sharpened and my performance at work improved tremendously. As a result the management moved me from being an office messenger to a sales executive. Within a span of one year I got promoted to a territory sales manager. Afterwards I joined Mount Kenya University to do a degree in Business Management specialising in marketing. Because of ABE qualifications they gave me credit transfers which enabled me to join the 3rd year .”

With hard work and determination Patrick has worked his way up to his current position.


Tedetia Chance “After five years working as an accounts receivable clerk, I was able to get a job offer as the assistant accountant at Donemar Limited. ABE has helped me to make this change in my life.”

When Tedetia was unable to embark on full-time education she found ABE offered the solution that allowed her to pursue her academic ambitions whilst still working.