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Wezi Chihana, Zambia – winner of the President’s Prize December 2015, (self-study)

Wezi ChihanaMy  names are Wezi Chihana Katyoka. I am the fourth born in a family of five. I am in my early thirties, and I am married with three children.

I became an orphan at the age of six so after high school it was unclear how I could go to college.

A wonderful lady, Christine Couchman from England, who was a former workmate of my late dad called to tell me about ABE. She said if I was interested she was willing to pay for me because ABE is flexible, internationally acceptable and affordable. And so I went for it because ABE was offering what I had in mind, and that was Business Administration.  I studied up to part 1 of Level 5.  But then my Godmother was not able to pay for me anymore.   However, with my Level 5 part 1, I was able to get a job in a bank where I worked for a year.

Then last year I decided it was time to pick up where I had left off and so I completed Level 5 and Level 6 in one year. From then on I had determined that there was no way I was going to fail even though the syllabus had changed.

In order to prepare well for exams, you need to deliberately allocate time for studying because most of what is examined comes from the study manuals. Studying the manuals will give you the knowledge and reviewing the examiner's suggested answers helps you to see what is expected of you and the important points the examiner expects from you.

I chose ABE because it has a flexible structure allowing you to study at your convenience and it is  internationally recognised. Most importantly, I feel ABE’s business management will help me to build my own successful company.

My immediate plans are to study for my one-year top up degree with a university where ABE is affiliated. I am also looking forward to getting a job.

Right now winning the President's Prize award is the best thing! I am encouraged and motivated to study even further and become whom I am meant to be.

I have gained various skills from my ABE course such as management of human and financial resources, and the ability to motivate, lead and make strategic decisions will go a long way. I am now able to translate what I learnt into real life situations and apply myself appropriately.

My long term plan is to operate a successful organisation which deals in consultancy.  I want to be my own boss, thanks to the knowledge and skills I have acquired from ABE business management.

It has been a pleasure studying with ABE.

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Selveena Parmanum, Mauritius – Top Paper Award in Information Systems for Strategic Management (self-study)

Selveena ParmanumI come from a small family of two children. I have an elder brother. My late mum was a retired Community Welfare Assistant and dad is a Photographer. After I completed my Higher School Certificate, I did some courses in Human Resources Management and Information Technology. I have worked in various companies where I was attached to the Marketing and Administrative departments. I am currently working as Photographer Assistant in a self-employed business.

I chose to study with ABE because of its flexible programmes. ABE offers a variety of courses which are professional, cost effective and which are recognised worldwide. Its Business Management programme covers the knowledge and necessary skills that are required to adapt yourself in a constantly changing business environment.

The ABE courses are quite popular in Mauritius. These courses are run in various institutions across the country. Those who have completed the ABE courses are nowadays occupying senior posts such as CEOs, directors or business analysts in well-known companies both across the country and abroad. If Mauritius is serious about developing a credible Knowledge Hub, it is imperative that it secures and strengthens its tertiary education set-up. Hence, the Government of Mauritius is investing huge sums of money every year by providing facilities such as educational loans so as to encourage its citizens to become more knowledgeable, thus be well-equipped to face the work challenges. Nowadays, employers do recognise the fact that the ABE provides a professional qualification that is universally applicable and provides all the academic expertise and skills required to excel in a management role. Thus, employers are willing to act as sponsor for their employees’ ABE courses.    

God bless if I successfully complete my current ABE qualification, I would like to do the level 7 of this course programme.

ABE has a reputation worldwide for its professional courses that are accredited by Ofqual. The ABE qualification can help you get a direct entry to university courses or simply be equipped with the skills needed to excel at work. Its flexible programme allows the student to decide whether he/she wants to study on a full or part-time basis or by self-study.  There is no restriction about the time period you are willing to take to complete the course and no restriction on the number of subjects you want to sit for exams. ABE also provides you with numerous online resources that are very well structured and help students tremendously in their studies.

For successful study it is important to recognise the fact that to study is a choice you have make yourself. Time management is vital if you want to succeed. Do make a schedule. Have a plan about the time to study, time to work or to do other activities. It is also important to find time to relax by say; do some sports activities, some meditation or yoga so as to evacuate the stress. It is essential to understand the content of the syllabus and what the subject is all about. Apart from relying on the recommended manuals, one must do your own research work by gathering notes from other sources such as magazines and internet. Last but not the least, start preparing your notes early and keep yourself focussed. My motto to succeed is simple: ‘Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, willingness to learn and most of all, love what you are doing’.

Long term, I see myself as top performing employee in a well-established company. I would like to be in a position where I will be able to lead a team through my expertise and ethics.

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Peter Njue Ndwiga, Kenya – Top Paper Award in Enterprise Start Up and Understanding Entrepreneurship (self-study)

Peter Njue NdwigaI am from Embu County (Kenya), a father of two kids.  I chose ABE because it is flexible, affordable, excellent quality and globally recognised.

My company name is Promasidor (Kenya) Ltd. My current job title is Regional Supervisor.  With ABE I have gained managerial  and organisational skills in amid of plethora of other skills.  This has enabled me to show great professionalism in my tasks, chores and duties which has facilitated my monthly salary to triple. Kudos ABE

My tip for successful study is use the ABE manuals, others books as guided, thorough revision of past papers and exam tips adherence  

I plan to go on to gain a Master in Business Administration (MBA) and I have already have enrolled for a degree program (B.Com Marketing option) in Kenyatta University.

Natasha Chatukuta, Zimbabwe – Top Paper Award in Introduction to Travel, Tourism and Hospitality studied at Trust Academy

Natasha ChatukutaI am the last born out of three children and dearly love my mother and father. I accomplished my high school up to Advanced level with the intention of pursuing a professional qualification in Travel, Tourism and Hospitality.

I chose to study with ABE because it is internationally recognised, offers the best subject combinations and it provides an opportunity to be accepted in the second or third year of a Bachelors degree.

I am doing this course at Trust Academy in Harare which is the best college around, it has well qualified lecturers.

My immediate plans after completing my ABE qualification are to enrol at a university and obtain a degree in Travel, Tourism and Hospitality.

The best thing about studying with ABE is the flexibility in choosing the subjects of your choice.  I have gained marketing and communication skills through studying with ABE.

Successful study tips I would like to share include sticking to the syllabus, reading widely and revising with ABE past papers.

Being an entrepreneur and enhancing the tourism industry in Zimbabwe are my long term career goals.     

Madhvi Vaya, Kenya – Top Paper Award in Employment Relations studied at Jaffery Institute of Professional Studies

Madhvi VayI am 20 years old, from Mombasa.  I belong to a large family including my grandparents, dad, uncle, aunt, brother and cousins. I joined Jaffery Institute of Professional studies in January 2014 after graduating from High School.   I am currently completing the units Principles of Business Law, Organisational Behaviour and Human Resource Development at Level 5.

I chose ABE because it is a global qualification offered in Kenya with affiliation to UK and other universities for a completion to degree in a year or two.   I am studying ABE at Jaffery Institute of Professional Studies. I feel really fortunate to have chosen this particular institute because the ABE lecturers go above and beyond their duties to support the students and I personally have managed to top this paper without the unit manual.

The best thing about ABE is that it provides flexibility in the units you do per semester and offers a wide range of opportunities for employment during the course simply because of its structure.  I have really gained insight in every aspect of HRM and it has helped me to become a creative thinker, thinking of management solutions out of the box that are applicable in a working environment.

My tip for successful study is always go through the past paper, with model answers available on the ABE Members Area.    

In the long term I want to become a senior HR manager in a reputable organisation or open my own business.


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Gisele Bumah, Cameroon – Top Paper Award in Systems Management and Internal Financial Controls (self-study)

Gisele  BumahI come from the North West Region of Cameroon from a family of 8; my parents and 5 siblings. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics from the University of Buea, Cameroon and upon completion; I decided to further my education with a professional degree.

Before choosing ABE, I had no idea what it was all about. It was recommended by someone I look up to as a mentor. He explained to me what I stand to gain from taking on a professional course. I decided to go online and read more about it and I was impressed by what I saw and from the reviews from other ABE alumni. 

My parents facilitated my studies with ABE by accepting to sponsor me in the programme I chose. That has been my inspiration to work extra hard to bring out the best of myself. The content of the programme is effective, it brings out your potential and builds you into a professional. This broadens the mind and provides the opportunity for individuals to build themselves as although there is a study manual, I see it as a guide to study but most of the work is done through research to be able to see world issues from a global perspective. What better way to learn than this?

I am self-studying which can be very challenging but with the technologically advanced world in which we live in today, nothing can really be that challenging anymore when we can turn to the internet for answers and getting in contact with others in the same programme for assistance.

My immediate plans are to put all the knowledge I have acquired to use by first serving my community by helping the small business owners who  have no idea how to use financial methods of recording. Also, I intend to work to better enhance my skills and have the opportunity to learn more about the business world.  I have already gained managerial skills, entrepreneurial skills, plus analysis and problem solving abilities.

Students should make a conscious effort not to procrastinate and read widely not only relying on their mentors for knowledge. Also,  visualise what you study and how it applies practically in the corporate world helps to understand certain concepts better.  I intend to go on to get certified in my field of study 


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Mimi Mundia, Kenya – Top paper award in Organisational Behaviour studied at Oshwal College

Mimi MundiaI am Kenyan, born and raised in a family of five; two younger siblings and my parents. I have a BSc in International Business Administration, having completed my A-levels in 2010 and my GCSE’s in 2008. I have minimal work experience: I have done short-term attachments at a variety of institutions like government, a media house, a law firm, a hospital and sales jobs.

I chose to study ABE to supplement my degree and because it is an internationally accredited course. Furthermore, I liked the subjects on offer. The units seem relevant to the work place and what we learn is applicable practically.

After completing my Level 5 in Business Management, my immediate plans are to gain employment whilst progressing through to Level 6 and 7.

The best thing about studying with ABE is that it is flexible and suits my schedule. It is also relevant and the resources provided are very helpful, especially the study manuals. I am also glad it is an internationally recognised program meaning my certifications are relevant worldwide.

I believe I have developed the skills I had from my first degree and honed them. ABE has enabled me to delve further into business studies and top up my pre-existing knowledge.

I don’t really have any study tips to share except to advise my fellow students to make full use of the resources and study materials ABE provides, they are enlightening.                                                                     

In the long-term, I hope to have risen through the ranks of a top organisation in the HR, management or marketing fields and hopefully go into consultancy (my own firm if I can swing it!)


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Shanna Bruno, St Lucia - Top Paper Award in Marketing Policy, Planning and Communication studied at National Research & Development Foundation

Shanna BrunoI am the last of three children.  I have completed Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Level education.  I am currently employed with Bank of Saint Lucia Limited where I have worked for the past 8 years.  I hold the position of Loans Disbursement Officer in the Credit Administration Department.

I chose to study ABE as it allows me to pursue further education at my convenience and at an affordable cost.  I studied my ABE course at the National Research and Development Foundation.

My immediate plans after completing my ABE Qualification are to pursue a Masters Degree in the field of Business.

The best thing about studying with ABE is that the programme is affordable and it teaches me to think outside of the box.  ABE has taught me to analyse the many internal and external factors that affect an organisation much more critically.

The tip that I can give for successful study is for students to carefully determine their style of learning and design a programme that suits them. I realised that the way I learned was quite different from other students, for example, it is extremely difficult for me to sit and read for too long. Understanding this about myself has helped me to look for other creative ways to accomplish my work.

My long-term career plan for the future is to have my own business and to develop my passion for natural medicine.

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Kishan Rathod, Kenya – Top Paper Award in Principles of Marketing and Sales Management studied at Jaffery Institute of Professional Studies

KISHAN RATHODI am the first born in a family of three. I finished my secondary education in 2012. After that I joined Jaffery Institute of Professional Studies in 2013 doing ABE Business Management but changed to Marketing because I developed a strong interest in people and how organisations promote and sell their goods and services.

I chose ABE because I wanted to study and obtain a qualification that is highly recognised both locally and internationally and which would enable me to gain exemptions at local or international universities for my Bachelors studies.                                  

I am planning to join a university sometime in 2017 when I finish my Level 5 Marketing Management units so that I can study Marketing at Bachelors degree level and, God willing, I also get some Marketing internship positions to enable me apply all I have learnt in a real working environment.

ABE is very flexible in terms of the number of units I can register for and this allows me to sit for exams only when I am ready. ABE also provides students with free manuals for selected units.

I have developed my analytical and problem solving skills because the marketing management programme empowered me to be able to analyse a situation and develop a creative solution(s) to that situation. I have also become a better communicator.

My tip for successful study is pay attention to and respect your lecturers as they hold the key to your successful future. Also, have one hour sessions every day to go through what you have been taught that day and ensure you seek the lecturers’ help if you have not understood something. Lastly do your CATS and TESTS as this will help you perfect your examination technique by correcting your areas of weakness.                                    

I am planning to venture into Marketing Consultancy once I have completed my Bachelors and MBA programs either here in Kenya or abroad.

Joseph Makwangwala, Malawi – business owner and winner of Top Paper Award in Introduction to Accounting (self-study)

Joseph MakwangwalaI own business called 75 Investments situated in the capital city of Malawi.  I came to know about ABE through an advertisement on the radio.  ABE is a better option to acquire the knowledge to run a business if you want to become a successful manager. The secret to the best way to study Business Management is to pay close attention to learning outcomes and do class discussion after normal classes. I normally go to weekend classes, using ABE manuals.

I would recommend courses by ABE to anyone who seeks a faster and easier way to move up to the top of the ladder.  Lastly, let me conclude in this way, the ABE course has helped me to acquire a better understanding of the approach required as a businessman.