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Why I chose to be an international intern by Francesca Visioni

FrancescaI am Francesca Visioni, a 24 years old student and I live in Milan, Italy.  In my country I am studying Corporate Communication which is a Masters Degree that provides knowledges about Marketing and Communication, and for a little part also about Human Resources Management.

This is not my first time in London but certainly is my first time living and working in a foreign country.  I am excited and scared at the same time for this new experience. 

First, I have to learn how to live by myself with people that I don’t know and second, I have to learn a new job from zero in a language that is not my mother tongue. 

It was hard to take this decision and come here but I am happy to have done it because I want to prove myself that I can do that all alone.  Moreover, I want to give to my CV extra points to be more competitive in the Italian job market, which is almost collapsing right now because of the crisis. 

With this experience with ABE, I hope to become more self-confident and autonomous in order to manage all the situation that possibly could happen in a job place. 
In particular, I choose ABE first because I wanted to work in the marketing and communication field and this role gives me the opportunity to do that. I am sure I will learn a lot here.

Second, I have chosen this company because the service they offer is in line with what I have done in my previous internship in Italy, in which I was dealing with professional courses, even if ABE operates in a completely different framework.

I think that a foreign experience lets you understand a different way of working which you can’t experience in your own country: this helps you to be more open minded and certainly a better worker in the future.


Paul Nii Odai Aryeetey, Administrative Executive, NDK Financial Services

Paul Nii Odai AryeeteyI am married with a lovely son and currently pursuing an online MBA programme at Roehampton University.

Career wise, I currently work as an administrative executive at NDK Financial Services Limited (“NDKFSL”). It is a non-bank financial Institution with a staff of round 120 people. My duties extend to two subsidiaries of NDKFSL which is stock market investment and real estates and property management.

My responsibilities include, but are not restricted to, the purchase, disbursement and management of items for NDK, responsibility for the management of all vehicles belonging to NDK and its drivers, contribution to and evaluation of the effective formulation of company policies and workers’ conditions of service

My thirst for knowledge coupled with the quest to keep challenging myself has been the hallmark of my successful career. The numerous training opportunities, the prospect of meeting like-minded industry experts and opportunity to keep abreast with current industry best practice keeps me excited about my job.

Upon completion of my senior high school education, my dilemma was to either follow the crowd and graduate with a conventional university diploma or to challenge the status quo and graduate with a diploma that will not only further equip me with the professional skills required for success but also a diploma that is internationally recognised.

I opted for the later and, although it wasn’t a walk through the park, I never looked back, it has truly been worth it.  Nights of burning the midnight oil, periods of self-denial and the moral and ethical lessons I learnt through all these phases have shaped me to become a better person. For me, I believe these are lessons I would never have learnt just inside the four walls of a classroom. A month’s internship program with one of the nation’s leading television stations further enhanced my appreciation of most of the principles and concepts I had learnt with ABE.

Upon completion of my ABE Diploma, I completed my National Youth Service for a year, as required by national law, as a librarian and physical education (PE) assistant at Holy Child Basic School in Tema. I later joined Fescum Services, a commodity distribution company, where I served as human resource and administrative assistant for a year. I then went onto Indian automobile company --Tata Africa Holdings as a human resource and administrative officer where I remained for 3 years.

My experience with Tata Africa Holdings provided me with a platform to test ABE theories in the real world, learn from my mistakes, engage industry experts and experience a wide spectrum of administrative cultures. My decision to go the ABE way has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. ABE’s curriculum has helped me think critically and equipped me with numerous skills for a lifetime of leadership. Now, I am able to explore connections between different information, separate the relevant from the irrelevant, question assumptions and analyze alternatives. These skills have not only provided me with a firm foundation to launch my career but also, I have been intellectually empowered to pursue my MBA. The transition and learning curve to my MBA has been gentle and smooth. Thanks to the rigorous educational I underwent during my ABE studies.

For anyone interested in being a part of the ABE family, my word of advice is to read the programne gradually. Ensure all concepts and principles are fully appreciated before registering for an exam. Again, prospective ABE candidates should ensure they make time for news and keep abreast with study tips. That’s the secret to sailing successfully through the programme!

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Philip Billy Chanza, Examiner – Pensions and Insurance Supervision, Reserve Bank of Malawi

Philip ChanzaI am a 36 year old married man with three kids namely Victor, Favour and Shalom.  My wife, Eluphy Mlombwa, is also currently studying ABE Business Management.  Since I graduated from college, I have worked in the financial industry in the fields of microfinance operations, commercial lending and regulation of financial institutions. I worked with the following organisations: FINCA Malawi (an international Microfinance organisation), Opportunity Bank (Malawi), and Malawi Savings Bank.

I currently work for the Reserve Bank of Malawi (Malawi’s Central Bank).  It is the regulator of all financial institutions in Malawi and therefore responsible for licensing and regulating the financial industry to ensure that there is a sound and stable economic environment.

My job basically involves conducting preliminary analysis of licence applications and monitoring market players’ compliance with relevant laws and regulations to ensure prevalence of a fair, transparent and efficient insurance industry.  I enjoy the analysis part as an opportunity to make decisions and recommendations based on fact.

Initially my “O” level certificate was not good enough to be considered for university education so studying ABE Administration opened up doors for me.  Through the University of Malawi I was able to apply for Bachelors degrees in Human Resource, Accountancy and Business Administration without even sitting for University entry examinations which was one of the requirements then. I was exempted from the first year and graduated with a Degree in Business Administration.  ABE provided me with a good foundation for my degree and I was among the few in our class who gained a Credit.

My advice to those starting out is that ABE is key to your career success as it is recognised worldwide and you can choose which area to concentrate on at a later stage since it’s so broad.”


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