Blog - September 2016

Reflections on the Mauritius graduation ceremony by Bradley Wade

I’m writing this from my flight back home after a wonderfully successful graduation ceremony and alumni evening in Mauritius.

Students started arriving at 8.30am to prepare in their gowns for the ceremony to start at 10am; anticipation was high, and there was a great sense of excitement in the hall. Many students in Mauritius are full time working professionals so it was generally an older group of graduates which was different and added a different dimension to the occasion. VIP’s were the Minister of Technology, Communication and Innovation, retired CEO of Emtel (largest mobile company), and CEO of ZeeTV (largest and fastest growing Indian TV channel across Africa), as well as representatives from the Tertiary Education Council and Mauritius Exams Syndicate.

Three of our top centres joined area manager Nandish and the events management company to put together an extremely slick and well organised ceremony. The students loved it, the speeches were interesting and punchy, and the audience really appreciated the entire event. Afterwards, drinks and snacks and millions of photos ensued as we started the pack-down and subsequent preparation for the evening’s event, when ABE held a cocktail reception for the Alumni. 

The evening was held at a local popular cocktail bar called Still & Sparkles, and we had about 100 people gather together to allow our Alumni to network with politicians, CEO’s, HR Managers and Academia from local universities. It was extremely festive and I managed to give a short presentation on the Business Start-up to officially launch the programme in Mauritius, which was very well received. Drinks and conversations flowed, and live music was performed, and people let their hair down after an exhausting day – it was fantastic.

Well done to Nandish Torul, ABE's area manager in Mauritius for putting together such a great programme with our centres. We hope to get some press coverage (see our press release: PDF iconMauritius graduation PR.pdf) out of it, and we already have ZeeTV’s CEO interviewing 6 ABE graduates for some positions!


Your essential certificate checklist

You have the result you wanted.  Now is the time to make sure nothing delays or affects your certificate.  Here are a couple of simple checks to ensure everything goes smoothly!

Your name.  Remember the name in Members Area is what will go on your certificate.  This is taken from the information supplied at registration so if your name has been shortened or misspelt, or it has changed, please correct it as quickly as possible:  email

Your address.  If you have registered through a college, it is most likely that your certificate will be sent to that college.  This works well as your college will log its receipt and ensure it gets to you. If you have registered directly, check that the correct postal address is registered against your name.  In some countries certificates may go to your area manager but they may we may still need to post it to whatever address is against your account in the Members Area.  

For full details of the certification process please see our earlier blog, 'Great exam results, now what about the certificate?'.

We congratulate all learners who have passed and wish you every success in your future endeavours.


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