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Anuradha Sunglee, Mauritius - Top Paper Award in People Planning and Resourcing studied at Sagittarius (Centre For Information Technology and Business)

Anuradha SungleeI am from Mauritius and have grown up in a multicultural family with traditions and principles. I graduated  in Journalism and Mass Communication in 2013 and I started working as Payroll Specialist at Ceridian Mauritius Ltd , a human capital management company.

ABE was not in my plans but while checking a list of courses, I found that ABE was quite interesting and I gave it a shot which became one of the wisest decisions taken.  I would say that ABE is growing fast in Mauritius since people are searching more and more for professional courses rather than purely academic ones.

I use the acquired skills and knowledge from my ABE course in my current post and find opportunities of relating work to my qualification.  ABE does not simply create  bookish students but rather it helps a student to tackle situations logically and creatively.

I must say that Ceridian is a growing technology company where an employee needs to be flexible and adapt to changes. Thus, with ABE, I am able to focus firmly on how I can add more creativity to the team allowing for smooth communications. Meanwhile, I use this course as a reference to understand my rights as an employee and the rights of an employer. 

There are no tips as such that may help a person to achieve what he wants but for sure they need to have  the willingness. It is a matter of choice. I am highly motivated to be my own boss


Emmanuel Otegbayo (Adediran), Nigeria - Top Paper Award in Integrated Marketing Communications, studied at Market Space

Emmanuel AdediranMy name is Emmanuel Adediran (I recently changed surname from Otegbayo to Adediran).  I’m Nigerian and an Alumnus of the University of Lagos. I currently work as a media strategist at MediaReach OMD – West & Central Africa’s foremost media agency.

My ABE journey began when my organisation nominated and enrolled a few staff members to take the course in line with our professional development objectives. The choice of ABE was based on the understanding that the modules and courses were practical in nature and structured to immediately improve workplace effectiveness.

The general awareness of ABE is increasing by the day. As with other professional courses, popularity and credibility will build up over time as more professionals see the impact made by past graduates.

After completion my plan is to immediately apply the acquired knowledge to enhance my work. I also plan to continue my pursuit of professional knowledge in the field of marketing.

The best thing about studying for ABE qualifications is the fact that its courses are practical and relatable to everyday marketing realities.

Taking this course helped broaden my understanding of marketing beyond my core area of specialisation which is media & advertising. I now better appreciate the full spectrum of marketing and how the different elements interplay to deliver overall business objectives.

This has greatly  improved my work as a client service person; understanding where media sits in the marketing mix.  I now work better with my clients helping them achieve business objectives beyond just running media campaigns.

My tips for successful study are:

  • Follow the respective study guides of each module to know what is expected of you
  • Attend lectures
  • Review past questions (or sample assessments) at the end of every class (preferably in a group) to have a good grasp of how to answer the exam questions

In the near future, I plan to progress in my career to senior marketing management, after completing my MBA,

Danai Bvukumbwe, Zimbabwe - Top Paper Award in Travel, Tourism and Hospitality Operations Management, studied at Trust Academy

Danai Leanne BvukumbweI am the eldest born in a family of two.  I have always been a driven and focused young lady.  My education means a lot to me because it is a stepping stone to get to where I want to be in life. I completed high school up to advanced level  before choosing to study with ABE.

I chose ABE because it is globally recognised,  affordable and offers great programmes which are useful in today's society.  ABE is well accepted and it is easy to get a job if you have an ABE certificate.  ABE offers study manuals and the modules have relevant information which applies in the tourism industry.

I have  become hardworking as a result of the effort I put in preparation of ABE examinations .  But my advice is do not strain yourself  take breaks when you study in order to refresh your mind.     

In the long-term I plan to be part of the senior management of a big tourism organisation.


Maham Nazarali, Tanzania - Top Paper Award in Strategic Marketing Management, studied at Financial Training Centre

Maham MushtakI was a science student in school and was  good in my studies but not very interested in any of the career paths which were being offered. I was mostly interested in business studies but chose the science because I was weak in accounting.

After completing my O levels, I was very confused and did not know what to choose for my further studies. I decided to do a graphic designing course. I did both basic and advanced courses and scored very well in them. This also gave me some time to think about what I wanted to study next.

While I was still figuring out what to do, my sister was completing her ABE Business Management course from Financial Training Centre and she inspired me to join as well.   I was not sure about it, mainly because of the fact that I would have to sit for an accounting paper, so my parents told me to try Level 4 and see how it goes.

At first, I was really bad at accounting, but through hard work and help from my teacher and sister, I was able to score very well and I won my first prize in Introduction to Quantitative Methods. This made me decide that I wanted to continue with the ABE Business Management course.

As I continued the course, I had to take a few evening classes as well and this made me realise that a lot of companies encourage their employees to take courses from ABE as it enables them to learn more about business management as well as how to handle customers and clients in the right way. All in all, iemployees gain experience from realistic scenarios and examples from other companies  which helps them with problem solving in their day-to-day activities.

The best thing about studying with ABE is that it is very flexible and each student can go on at a pace according to his or her capabilities and  time - this is especially good for those who are working.  Not only that, the course content is not  difficult to understand and is interesting due to the fact that real examples are used to explain, which makes it relatable and easy to remember as well as applying in real life situations.

When I started Level 4, I felt it was a little too easy, but going through Level 5 and 6, I realised that they were more challenging which at the same time made it more interesting as well as capturing the true essence of the course.  My experience going through the whole course has been very good and I got to learn a lot of things, one of them being writing a lot, which I was not able to do before, as well as learning about how real companies operate, and the mistakes they make, in order to learn from them. I have also become good at accounting which was one of my biggest fears!

In addition, I have learnt that when answering exam questions you should know how to address your response in a properly structured manner and add real life examples in order to give a complete answer and score good marks. Even if you do not know the whole answer or are not sure about it, you should always try to attempt the question. This is what our teacher had taught us and I have been following his advice throughout.

I was very excited when I received an email from ABE saying that I had achieved a prize for Strategic Marketing Management. I had never thought I would get an award for a theory paper, but I guess I was underestimating myself as I had a very good teacher and all our hard work paid off. I was really happy after receiving this news because I have decided to pursue a degree in marketing. 

Nicolas Dhootun, Mauritius - Top Paper Award in Sales Management (self-study)

Nicholas DhootunI'm am 31 years old. I come from a low middle-class family which I'm proud of. When I finished my high school certificate, I decided to work in the tourism sector with an international company. As a sport lover, I started as a water sport instructor which was good. I was able to travel around the world and save money as well as having fun. It was a great experience that helped me discover many countries and cultures, and I met a lot of great people.  It helped me to forge my personality and finally become someone I have always want to be. However, I realised that something was missing, but didn’t really know what it was. I started to feel frustrated so I decided to take more responsibility and move to the front office.  I needed to show of what I was capable. I did my full day at the water sport shack and worked during the evening at the front desk from 8pm to 11pm.

After three months, I was finally accepted on the reception team. I tried to learn everything I could so that I could replace the reservation manager and traffic manager when they were off. I rapidly became autonomous and had an important role in the team. Three years later, I was promoted as the reception and concierge manager with heavier responsibilities on my shoulders. It was a bit stressful as so many people put their trust in me. At this stage, the only thing I could do was my best and take it as a challenge, but I knew I would not be able to go further than that without any higher education. A good friend of mine advised me to join ABE to upgrade my skills and knowledge.  I can say that it was a good choice

I left my job to be able to study ABE.  I then decided to do a full-time job in a call centre, as a tele-marketing agent to sell mobiles, mobiles packages and internet services to small and medium enterprises.  ABE allowed me to study at my pace and to work full-time to finance my studies.  Employers know that ABE equips students with the right knowledge and expertise to perform their job.

My next move will be to find a good university to do a degree with honours in business management.  ABE really helps students to love the subjects they are studying. I was able to project myself into my previous job and realise the mistakes I had been making and what I could do to perform better.  Great ideas were coming up. I could see things differently and was eager to put this new knowledge and skills into practice.  I learned to motivate people, how to keep them positive, how to make staff do their best to attain expected performances and be successful and proud of themselves.

There is a time to read, a time to write and a time to work the past exam papers. Just find the right time you are comfortable to do each of them. We must find our strengths and weaknesses and start to make our weaknesses our strengths till every theme becomes easy. You should then make it through the exam and make good marks. 

My plan now is to do my Level 6 and find an affordable university to do my degree with honours in business management and finally be my own boss in real estate or the motor vehicle industry.

Mazvita Mangenera Ndudzo, Zimbabwe - in Introduction to Business Communication, studied at Speciss College

mazvita ndudzo I am from a family of four girls and appreciate my parents for all their support; they always push me to be the best version of myself.

I chose to study with ABE because of its flexibity, it allows me to have a career and study and the same time. ABE has very high standards and I know this qualification will take me further in my career and will help me run my own successful business.


ABE is becoming well recognised in Zimbabwe. Employers comfortably employ ABE students in both the private and public sector. It is considered a qualification of high standards. I intend to further my studies and then engage in another degree programme or do my Masters.

With ABE I like that I can study at my own pace. I love how course resources are readily available and easy to understand. The programme is internationally recognised and I know that when I complete my programme I will have gained a qualification of a high standard.

I have already gained vast marketing, communication and management skills.  ABE has taught me to think outside the box and practically which has helped me immensely day-to-day in my career.

I would advise students to pay close attention to the study guides. They will help map a successful study pattern. Students should also take advantage of all the resources provided, study manuals and past exams papers. They should also develop a culture of reading the news, thinking about case studies etc, this will help them gain knowledge about different businesses worldwide giving practical lessons that will help in their studies.


Bhagwantie Charran, Guyana - Top Paper Award in Introduction to Travel, Tourism and Hospitality, studied at Nations School of Business & Management

Bhagwantie Charran

I was born and raised on the East Coast of Demerara, and am the second of four children. After High School, I started working at Qualfon Guyana Inc.  as a Customer Service Representative and spent close to two years there. It was during that period that I enrolled on the Association of Business Executives (ABE) programme at Nations School of Business and Management (NSBM) to complete the Marketing course. Nations  was always my preference for furthering my studies due to its excellent reviews and pass rates.

After spending some time at Qualfon Guyana Inc.  and building my work experience, I decided to expand my professional career. I am currently employed at a media entity which houses the Guyana Times newspaper, Television Guyana/ Channel 28/12, Radio Guyana Inc/ 89.5fm and Inews Guyana as a Sales & Marketing Representative. This is where the knowledge I have learnt on my ABE programme was really put to the test.

I chose to study ABE because I was interested in the field of Marketing and Tourism and needed a programme which fitted with my work schedule, did not take more than a year to complete and was also accredited and internationally recognised.  ABE was the perfect fit for me. Plus, given all the benefits, it is an affordable programme and a great opportunity for me to reach my goals. Despite having multiple centres in Guyana, I chose Nations because the staff are friendly, professional and understanding; the lecturers work along with students and go beyond the call of duty.

Members of the public and employers see ABE as a preferred programme to study because of the benefits and usually recommend it to people considering tertiary education in the fields offered by ABE.

The course has proved to be beneficial to me by exposing me to internationally accepted standards of exams and providing guidance in my field of work and study. It has helped me to understand what is expected of me, the time and dedication that needs to go into any field of study and has laid the foundation for my future academic pursuits.

I am currently a Law student at Nations School of Law. It has long been a great passion of mine to pursue the career path of becoming a Criminal Defence Lawyer and I believe that my previous experience with Nations Inc.  has helped to prepare me for this.

ABE and Nations have taught me that last minute preparations and procrastination do not make a successful student. As a student you are required to prepare yourself from day-one by studying, working exam style questions, forming study groups, asking questions in class, having group discussions… whichever works for you and helps you to grasp concepts, do it. The work is hard, but rewards last a lifetime. 

Ropafadzo Nyaku, Zimbabwe - Top Paper Award in Business Plan for Enterprise Start-up / Enterprise Start-up / Understanding Entrepreneurship, studied at Speciss College

Ropafadzo Nyaku

I’m 19 and from Bulawayo. I had just completed my A Levels when I started my Diploma.

I’ve always known that no matter what profession I chose to go into, business would be a part of it. So I looked for a short course on basic business to get me started and help me understand elementary business principles.  

I plan to further my education with a number of other courses and degrees, some business related and others in the field of Health and Medicine. The knowledge I have gained from my Diploma has been, and will continue to be, a big part of how I run my business which I look to expand in the near future.

While studying with ABE, I felt like I was part of something bigger than an examination board trying to make some money.  It seemed more of a community than anything; people cared about how I was doing, how my lessons were going, whether or not I got to my exams on time.  I was kept up to date with any changes that could affect any part of my studies.  I was the only one doing the course but my teachers were dedicated and even though teaching me took them out of their regular schedule, I always got a 100% from them. It would have been easy for them to slack off but they didn’t.

The course has opened me up to several possibilities. There are things that I already knew but somehow never used practically until I did my Diploma.

Don’t read concepts to pass the exam, read them and think, “How can I apply this to my own career?” There is a lot to be gained from simple definitions, don’t think one topic or lesson carries more weight because of its difficulty.  Always be willing to learn, to look at a definition or chart and see meaning. Apply as much of what you learn to yourself as possible. It’s what sets people apart.

The future looks really great. I have a set career that I want to pursue, the safe normal option that a lot of people are taught to go for, that I actually love and look forward to. But I’m also not limiting myself to any one thing, I’m going after every dream I have, no matter how small. We all have so much potential in us and I’m hoping everyone learns not to limit their mind.


Vinati Maharaj, Trinidad and Tobago - Top Paper Award in Human Resource Management studied at CTS College of Business & Computer Science

Vinati Tasli Maharaj

I come from a small, nuclear family consisting of my mother, father and sister. After SEA Examinations I continued with my secondary school education where I studied primarily Science subjects. During my time in secondary school. I attended various courses and seminars which both enhanced my knowledge and also prepared me for many other situations which I faced later on.

My greatest passion is the Arts, for which I have received gracious recognition, and in which, I plan to further develop my abilities.  However, the biggest part of my life and successes so far, involves my parents and my Guruji, who are responsible for everything good and virtuous which I am today, especially my mother.

ABE is one of the more cost-effective programmes and was highly-recognised and recommended, with sufficient resources and easy-to-use online features and services, which is one of the best things about studying with ABE. Also, they provide feedback and information about individual memberships and examinations, so as to minimise the risk of misinterpretations. I am currently studying ABE Business Management.

In my country, ABE has made an outstanding impression on the public and gives an advantage to candidates applying to a position, as most employers recognise ABE as a well-qualified programme. After the completion of my current ABE qualification, I plan to start working and continue to study Human Resource Management. Studying with ABE has helped me to improve my research and essay-writing skills, while simultaneously assisting me with broadening my vocabulary to become more knowledgeable and competent in the formulation and development of essays, and in preparing for future occupations and ventures. It has allowed me to become more independent, and to learn the essential skill of time-management.

In the future, I plan to own a successful business in the Arts, and expand as much as possible, while also developing programmes and opportunities for the lower income segments who possess talent and skill, but lack funding.

In my experience so far, study must be balanced with self-time, and reflection and meditation. Something new should be learnt every day, even if there is only enough time to learn just one thing each day; and, things which are learnt, should be applied as much as possible.

Most important of all, learning should be an exciting and adventurous journey, which helps us to better understand the world we live in, and to appreciate the myriad of roles and functions in our society.

Due dates and deadlines, along with exams, are of course, some of the most terrifying moments, but what’s an adventure without the thrill of fear and passion, entangled with a desire to successfully reach your destination while conquering our fears along the way?

Effat Rawji, Zambia - Top Paper Award in Project Management, studied at Zambia Centre for Accountancy Studies


My school teachers had always seen how business oriented I was in all that I did in school.  Since that time I have developed a passion for business studies. When I graduated from school I did a lot of research to find a course that offers a variety of themes that would help me learn many things in one programme.  Therefore I chose ABE as it had all options for me.  I did not want just a few tedious subjects I wanted a variety like human resources, marketing, accounts etc.

My journey with ABE was tremendous and swift, while I was just 18 I graduated from ABE. The course gave me knowledge about what different areas of business are all about so I can decide  which field is best for me.

In the upcoming future, I intend to complete my MBA from the best university and hopefully work for a reputable firm at the best post. All of this hard work from high school to university level would not be possible without my parents' support as, seeing my determination towards studies, they encouraged and supported all that I planned to accomplish regarding studies and career.

ABE exams are quite flexible as students can take exams twice a year. I would recommend all students to consult past papers as that is what helped me achieve this success. I have always consulted past papers for each subject and written notes using them. 

Thank you ABE for this opportunity. This is pretty much what I would like to say about my journey.

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