Ausman Nkahata trainee Human Resources Officer, Viphya Plantations | ABE UK

Ausman Nkahata trainee Human Resources Officer, Viphya Plantations

AusmanI am the first born in a family of four children.

The company I was doing my training with  is Viphya Plantation Division the man made forest in Africa.  It was in the top 3 of forests made by hands of Malawian people (the pride of Malawi).

At Viphya Plantations I was offered the post of Human Resource Officer, conducting services such as maintaining good records of employees, disciplinary issues, salary arrangements, work schedules and postings. The thing I enjoy most is maintaining employees' records of service and assisting in processing the pensions and gratuity of retired workers, it's an interesting and challenging task.

Studying with ABE wasn't easy sometimes but this board motivated me because they never disappoint. ABE has a unique syllabus which helps any student studying with this board to be open minded about the business environment and ready for any role in an organisation so I was not confused to do the work of HR at all, it was quite simple.  

My advice to all students is that always be what you want to be as you're studying with ABE and it will work for you excellently.  Study anything that you know will help you to understand the concept of your course.