Austin Mbeta, Malawi - Top Paper Award in Principles of Marketing, studied at Pact College

Austin Mbeta I am Malawian by origin, a member of a family of six people, me as the first born child.  Religion wise, we are Jehovah witness believers.  

I started my ABE studies at Western College where I achieved my Level 4 Diploma  then I transferred to Pact College in Blantyre.  I have just passed my Level 5 Diploma in Marketing Management and am advancing to Level 6.

My childhood dream was to study marketing and be a good marketer.  I chose ABE because it provided me with a simple path to achieved this dream of mine, mostly because ABE is affordable and  flexible and it’s easy to adapt and learn ABE courses.  The way the curriculum is designed is eye opening and has help me to learn and gain skills which I can use in the corporate world.  

The best thing about ABE is the affordability of its courses, as this has reduced the risk of not finishing our studies.  Business environment analysis is a skill I have gained; now I can easily understand and analyse the business environment with the use of different theories and models.  Studying long hours is not always a key to understanding something but showing an interest and commitment is.

Long term I plan to gain experience in the corporate world and open up my very own marketing agency.