Beatrice Chellemben, Mauritius – Top Paper Award in Quantitative Methods for Business Management studied at Sagittarius (Centre For Information Technology and Business Studies)

Picture of Beatrice Chellemben EXELCO LOGOI am 32 years old and have been working at Exelco International Ltd as Administrative Secretary for more than eight years now.  Two years ago, with my employer’s sponsorship, I enrolled myself with ABE for a Diploma in HRM.  Besides my employer, my family also encourages me in my ABE studies.

After high school, I worked for eight months as a receptionist in a local company, which deals with hydraulics motors and pumps.  Following this first professional experience, I decided to pursue my studies in software applications and secretarial duties. 

I got the chance, afterwards, to work for other local companies in administrative roles and extend my professional experience.  This has brought me to Exelco International Ltd.

I was always interested in pursuing my studies at a higher level in an area where my career could also benefit from it.  One of my colleagues at Exelco, who was already doing Business Management with ABE, told me about ABE, its advantages and career prospects.  ABE suits me well: it offers much flexibility and scope so I can cope with my family life, professional career and studies all together.

Since I have started ABE Studies, I have met other ABE students who are also sponsored by their employer.  There is a growing awareness about ABE among the public and employers in Mauritius.  The UK aspect and high standard of ABE all adds to it.

When I complete my current ABE Level 5 HRM Diploma, I intend to carry on with Level 6.  It will take as much time as necessary but I will do my best.  Studying with ABE has brought new goals in my life and made me realise that I can do better and move further in my profession.

So far, ABE courses have brought knowledge to me about many aspects of management in an office.  This includes understanding human nature, learning and development, communication, organisation culture, organisational success amongst others.  All my completed ABE courses relate to office environment and help me see things differently each day.

I would like to pursue my ABE studies as far as possible and hope this can successfully support my career in the Administrative and HR fields.