Bhagwantie Charran, Guyana - Top Paper Award in Introduction to Travel, Tourism and Hospitality, studied at Nations School of Business & Management

Bhagwantie Charran

I was born and raised on the East Coast of Demerara, and am the second of four children. After High School, I started working at Qualfon Guyana Inc.  as a Customer Service Representative and spent close to two years there. It was during that period that I enrolled on the Association of Business Executives (ABE) programme at Nations School of Business and Management (NSBM) to complete the Marketing course. Nations  was always my preference for furthering my studies due to its excellent reviews and pass rates.

After spending some time at Qualfon Guyana Inc.  and building my work experience, I decided to expand my professional career. I am currently employed at a media entity which houses the Guyana Times newspaper, Television Guyana/ Channel 28/12, Radio Guyana Inc/ 89.5fm and Inews Guyana as a Sales & Marketing Representative. This is where the knowledge I have learnt on my ABE programme was really put to the test.

I chose to study ABE because I was interested in the field of Marketing and Tourism and needed a programme which fitted with my work schedule, did not take more than a year to complete and was also accredited and internationally recognised.  ABE was the perfect fit for me. Plus, given all the benefits, it is an affordable programme and a great opportunity for me to reach my goals. Despite having multiple centres in Guyana, I chose Nations because the staff are friendly, professional and understanding; the lecturers work along with students and go beyond the call of duty.

Members of the public and employers see ABE as a preferred programme to study because of the benefits and usually recommend it to people considering tertiary education in the fields offered by ABE.

The course has proved to be beneficial to me by exposing me to internationally accepted standards of exams and providing guidance in my field of work and study. It has helped me to understand what is expected of me, the time and dedication that needs to go into any field of study and has laid the foundation for my future academic pursuits.

I am currently a Law student at Nations School of Law. It has long been a great passion of mine to pursue the career path of becoming a Criminal Defence Lawyer and I believe that my previous experience with Nations Inc.  has helped to prepare me for this.

ABE and Nations have taught me that last minute preparations and procrastination do not make a successful student. As a student you are required to prepare yourself from day-one by studying, working exam style questions, forming study groups, asking questions in class, having group discussions… whichever works for you and helps you to grasp concepts, do it. The work is hard, but rewards last a lifetime.