Bhavika Chotaliya | ABE UK

Bhavika Chotaliya, Production Assistant Manager, Tropical Heat, Kenya

Bhavika "I am Bhavika, Indian by origin but now a Kenyan citizen.  My family was in Nairobi but currently it is just me and my sister.

I am very hardworking, full of energy and self-driven. I love challenges and making things happen. My moto is “never give up’’… Success comes to those who work for it despite the hurdles that come along the way.

I started working at the age of 19 and today celebrate 7 years at Tropical heat in a senior position.  Established in 1973, Tropical Heat was set up as a small cottage industry by two entrepreneurs who wanted to give Kenyans the best in ‘home made’ snacks and spices.

Today, Tropical Heat employs over 260 people in East Africa and is one of the leading manufacturers of spices, seasoning and snack foods in the region, with a strong brand and reputation for quality products.

We have a specialist team that manufacture a vast range of spices and snacks. The spices include pure spices, herbs, seasonings, masalas and salts. The snacks include a range of potato crisps, ethnic snacks, Kenyan chevda, peanuts, rice cakes and extruded snacks.

Our markets are local, regional and international (with an established presence in 14 countries including Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, DRC, Burundi, UK and the USA).

I do the production planning for the various food products manufactured by the company, which includes the allocation of resources and planning for raw materials to meet the company's production schedules in order to achieve the timely production of quality products in the proper quantities at the optimum cost.

My position reports directly to the head of production. Reporting to me indirectly are all employees within the production department, but directly I coordinate closely with all supervisors and managers

I love every part of my job as it is a learning process. Every day new challenges lead to me being a better person.

I was lost after completing high school. Then came ABE which made me realise my passion for management skills. This realisation is what has brought me to where I am in my career.

ABE led to a degree which led me to an MBA. ABE brought me to understand what management is all about and how to tackle issues in today’s business world. I am at a level where every department makes sense and I can assist the organisation by sharing my gained knowledge.

ABE also opened doors as the knowledge I gained was input into my further studies. As I gained further education, it was simple to understand new concepts. My sister, Trusha Chotaliya, has also joined the same course and seen the fruits of it.  She too is motivated to continue this journey.”