Brezhnev Ajebua Ambendek, UK – Top Paper Award in Systems Management and Internal Financial Controls (self-study)

IImage of Brezhnev Ajebua Ambendek am from Cameroon and the eldest in a very big family, which is why I have always been goal-oriented.  I have a BSc in another field and have worked as a finance officer for 3 years, this created the urge in me to do a course in Business Management choosing the financial management pathway.  I love to have a complete mastery of the things I do and ABE offered the best opportunity for me

I remember stumbling on one of the flyers which illustrate the ABE courses offered, the resources available for students and the mode of tuition for the programme, I really didn’t pay much attention but after I did some research I just knew this was for me.

I intend to go up to Level 7 and then go back home and make a difference.  The flexibility and the design of the courses give an in-depth knowledge of the field of study.  I would say research and critical thinking, exams question and assignments prompt me as a person to think of the class work, and to put theoretical concepts into a practical scenario.

Long term, I plan to finish a Master degree and assist in training other learners while doing a PhD.