Brian Mukoja, Botswana – Top Paper Award in Introduction to the World of Computers studied at Business and Technical College

Brian MukojaI am born in a family of four, Zimbabwean by birth currently residing in Botswana.  I studied Micro Tech part 1 in 2005 and started working as a temporary teacher at Roosevelt Girls High School.  I also taught myself the piano and was employed as residence pianist at Jameson Hotel in Harare.  I am  a self-motivated individual.  l am pursuing studies in Computer Forensics and Business Management.

In our Global environment one has to have the set skills and the acumen to be a viable entity in business in general, having had the practical skills was not enough for me so l looked for something that would add value on my business side and hence ABE

After completing ABE my plan is to seek employment in an industry that will allow me to use the gained knowledge and then start up my own line of business.

Before ABE, I had never tried accounting but in a short duration of two weeks l had acquired a novice set of skills that helped me plan more efficiently in business and life in general.

Success is a matter of luck, ask any failure! The principle of sowing and reaping works in all aspects of our lives, when studying sow your time in reading relevant material and you will reap good results.

Never forget to share the knowledge acquired, the more you share the more you gain. The epitome of the Red Sea and the Dead Sea, the Dead Sea is “Dead” in that it gets from others but never releases very much unlike the Red sea which gets and then also releases.

I plan to study to show myself a worthy craftsman with a strong efficacy in business