Caleb Kasentin, Ghana - Top Paper Award in Personnel Information Systems, studied at Pentecost University College

Caleb KasentimI belong to a family of  five and was born on the 14th August 1994. I am from Grubi in the Volta Region of Ghana.  

I chose to study ABE because it is a short route to attain a degree as well as a professional qualification recognised globally.  A cross section of the general public and employers who know of ABE have good impression about the programmes.

I find the best thing about ABE is that it promotes creativity and innovation in the academic sphere.    I have gained good communication skills in terms of business and also knowledge in hospitality management.

My tip for study success is consistently revising lecture notes given by lecturers and reading related materials outside the syllabus

In the long term I plan to go on to establish my own business and become a CEO.  I hope to become a successful entrepreneur.