Caroline Kahende, Kenya - Top Paper Award in Dynamic Business Environments, studied at Oshwal College

Karungari KahendeI was born and raised in Nairobi, Kenya. I am an only child to the awesome Mr and Mrs Kahende. I completed my secondary education back in 2011 and went on to pursue a degree in Journalism at United States International University-Africa (USIU-A). I majored in Public Relations, which is my passion.

My primary career focus is crisis management and stakeholder relations, both of which are fundamental to any organisation -  be it government or private. Earlier in 2016, I began my graduate studies at the same university and I am set to complete in 2019. I am currently working at a PR agency in Nairobi known as Tell EM Public Relations.

 PR is not just about communications, but managing your clients’ portfolio. The ABE management course allows me to understand management from a business context, which I can then apply in my daily tasks.

I appreciate the level of professionalism the lecturers treat the course with and the depth of learning material that ABE provides. The knowledge I gained within those six months of studying business management is invaluable.

I have gained time management skills, I have learnt to manage my tasks better, and I also have better understanding of how the business environment runs.  Be committed in all you do. It requires one to dedicate time to study the course work but the knowledge gained is invaluable.

In the next three years, I plan on pursuing a career in government by working as a communication expert/analyst.