Carolyn Dawkins,Trinidad and Tobago - Top Paper Award in Introduction to Travel, Tourism and Hospitality, studied at School of Higher Education Limited

Carolyn Dawkins.

I am a Jamaican national currently living and working in Trinidad and Tobago. I grew up in a single -parent household with three other siblings.  My mom , who was the breadwinner in our family, had little resources to assist me after graduating from high school. Although I would have preferred to continue with my studies, I decided to get a job instead and help my mom.  

As a licensed cosmetologist, I work full-time , six days per week. I also volunteer four days per week after work to share the word of Jehovah with others. It was challenging to study on my own.  Initially, I started with two modules per semester but had to reduce that to one module per semester to better balance my education and work life. There were times I felt like giving up, but I kept working hard because I was determined to succeed. I not only spent sleepless nights studying and preparing for my  exams , I relied heavily on my faith in Jehovah when I was too exhausted to read or review the materials in preparation for the exam. I am beyond proud that I was able to do well on this exam after making so many sacrifices.

Of course, I could not accomplish my goal without the advice and encouragement of others. Specifically,  I was encouraged to pursue my diploma level four with ABE by my sister Marika Dawkins ,and Mr.  Keith Mc Donald , the principal of School of Higher Education and close friends. After accepting their advice , I studied on my own and took the exam at the School of Higher Education. I am happy I took their advice and continued with my studies. My colleagues view ABE positively due to the quality of its courses, exams, and the flexibility for people who work full-time and are unable to enroll in a  traditional school system.  

Taking this course helped broaden my understanding about travel, tourism and hospitality.  The results of this exam will serve as further motivation for me to continue my studies with ABE. I hope after completing my Level 6 Diploma studies, I will be able to establish my own business. I will also encourage others to consider studying with ABE as they will gain knowledge that will better prepare them to be successful in any career of their choice.