Cassandra Maliseche, Zimbabwe - Top Paper Award in Introduction to Marketing studied at Trust Academy

Image of Cassandra MalisecheI am a 20 year old and the first out of three.   Currently, I am a Travel Tourism and Hospitality student.

I have been looking for a lifelong career path and, from my research, ABE proved to offer what I was looking for.  ABE is considered one of the most efficient boards. It offers the best education.  I intend on continuing my studies in Travel Tourism and Hospitality to Level 6, degree level.

ABE is efficient and reliable. It guarantees the best qualifications that are recognised worldwide.  I have gained good communication and writing skills as well as more knowledge about my field.                                                              

My sector has a variety of career paths to take, but I really plan on working to be a tour guide or anything that has direct contact and services to people. And maybe own a hotel that offers the best and most unique services.”