Cassandra Sheldon, Zimbabwe - Top Paper Award in IT in Hospitality and Tourism Operations, studied at Trust Academy

Cassandra Sheldon

The first step to become successful in any studies is having a positive attitude and knowing what exactly it is you would like to accomplish from your studies.

ABE offers a great deal of assistance via its online resources. l found these very useful towards preparing for my examinations. Knowing the syllabus and learning outcomes gave me guidance throughout my studies. Going through all past exams papers and examiner reports is also very useful as it gives clear insight into what the examiners expect from the student.

Attending lectures is very helpful as it allowed me to attain a more hands-on and practical view of my studies. Choosing a high-energy time to read is also helpful as the brain will be more awake and alert making studying more efficient. Searching for online articles or videos is very helpful as the internet provides a more intellectual and visual source of learning. The internet also provides current affairs and practical international examples. Forming or joining study groups can be one of the most effective means of studying. It helps combine the efforts of different minds, increasing your storehouse of information, showing new study techniques and  allows you to share notes and information. It reinforces learning through discussions and questioning.

I recommend any one who aspires to achieve excellence to study with ABE as it has the best study resources!