Cathryn Carew, Guyana - Top Paper Award in Personnel Administration, studied at The Business School

Cathryn CarewI would like to first and foremost thank God for his blessings and also my family and friends for their unwavering support. Many thanks and love.

I am a 35 year old married working mother of four amazing children and was born and raised in Georgetown, Guyana. I come from a family of eleven, of which I am the eldest. My employment began right after high school. I first worked at Republic Bank (at that time it was National Bank of Industry and Commerce). I moved over to The Bank of Nova Scotia after about 2 years and I worked there for a little over 9 years (in which my last 7 years was as the Administrative/Human Resources Officer). I am currently working at one of the most prestigious shipping companies in Guyana, John Fernandes Limited, where I am the Human Resources Officer.

I chose ABE as it gave me the opportunity to work and study at my own pace, at very convenient times; times that were flexible enough to work around my busy work/family life.  

ABE is becoming more widely accepted and recognised amongst most companies in Guyana. Employers are seeing the benefit of this internationally recognised qualification.  My immediate plans are to complete the Level 5 Human Resource Management courses, of which I am currently pursuing two courses (Human Resource Management and Organisational Behaviour), then unto Level 6!

As mentioned before, studying with ABE is flexible and convenient especially for those who have full time jobs and/or a family. Loads of information and study tips can be found on their site. The tutors, the ones I have dealt with so far, are able to help you link the knowledge from the manuals with your experience.

I have learnt how to link my experience with the knowledge gained and actually have a greater appreciation for the ‘whats’ and ‘whys’ of management; a broader perspective on why certain decisions are taken by management and have grown in my knowledge base and understanding.

To do well in your studies, be true to yourself and always remain focussed on your ultimate goals. Success only comes when you work hard and are determined. Set study schedules and keep at it. Read, read and read. Don’t wait till the last month to cram that information in. Work those past papers and read the suggested answers and comments from the markers. The manuals are not your only source of information….make Google your best friend! A world of valuable information awaits you and is always just a click away. You can do it!

My ultimate goal is to become a specialist in the field of Human Resource Management.