Chandraban Rajnarine, Guyana - Top Paper Award in Introduction to Quantitative Methods, studied at Nations School of Business & Management

Amit RajnarineI currently reside in Eccles, East Bank Demerara, Guyana, but I was born and raised in a village called Soesdyke, which is located about a 5-minute drive from the Cheddi Jagan International Airport.  I am the second eldest of three brothers and happily married to a wonderful woman, who has been my motivational coach, she is always there for me, encouraging me, and helping me to lay the foundation for even more better results ahead.

On completion of my primary education I was awarded a place at Christ Church Secondary school but later transferred to the Camille’s Institute for Business and Science Studies after the passing of my mother. It was there that my academic drive took off; learning suddenly became fun for me, and I started to excel in my studies with the help and support of my teachers, grandmother and big brother. I also developed a love for Mathematics. This laid the foundation for me to achieve more academically.

After graduating from secondary school, I started to teach mathematics at the same Private School I attended, this lasted about eight years. However, my love for aviation compelled me to apply for the position of Air Traffic Control officer. My application was accepted, and I went on to pass the training course and gained employment with my current employer, the Guyana Civil Aviation Authority. I have been an Air Traffic Controller for the past eight years and most recently an instructor in the Civil Aviation Training School.

I am currently studying ABE Level 5 diploma in Business Management at Nations university, Guyana, and was delighted to learn I have received Higher Distinction passes.  I chose ABE because it offers qualification which are not only internationally recognised but also very affordable and classes fit perfectly into my busy work schedule

The reception of ABE has been positive and welcoming by the public and employers. This can be seen by the number of students currently pursuing ABE qualifications. Employers are encouraging staff members to qualify themselves and recommending ABE as a reliable tertiary education provider.

After completing my ABE studies, I plan on pursuing my MBA, then go on to study Accounting, whilst continuing in the aviation industry as an Air Traffic controller, Instructor or in a management/regulatory capacity.

The best things about ABE are: 

  • Affordable fees
  • Afternoon classes allows me to attend after work
  • Excellent facilities at the ABE centres e.g. air-conditioned well-lit classroom, projectors etc
  • Experienced and knowledgably lecturers

The skills I have gained are:

  • Understanding of the business environment and the internal or external factors that affect it.
  • Ability to forecast a budget, prepare financial statements and make good business decisions based on forward thinking.
  • Ability to deal with employees to keep them motivated and get the best out of them

My advice to current and prospective students is, “Always believe in yourself, self-confidence drives you to always want to succeed. Having this attitude to studying will make the process much easier.

Always remember that sUccess depends on the second letter (U)”