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The characteristics every good learner needs

good learner

You don’t have to be an academic genius to be a great learner if you have the right mind set.  There are straightforward characteristics that you can work on and develop, and these will help you achieve great things in your studies, and life in general.

Commitment: studying is your chance to shape your future.  Commit to it wholeheartedly and work your hardest to achieve your best

Self-discipline: being a good learner requires making a study plan and sticking to it, even when there are things you’d rather be doing.  Find something that motivates you in the short term – sometimes long-term goals can feel too far away whereas healthy competition with your peers or sibling could stir you. Whatever it is that helps you knuckle down, channel it whenever you feel your motivation waning.

Self-awareness: get to know yourself well, understand when and how you learn best, what sort of revision helps you retain information.  Once you’ve got to know the type of study that works for you, build it into your routine.   Also, be aware of your weaknesses so that you can identify the areas where you need to improve.

Excellent listening skills:  learn the art of completely concentrating on what others are saying.  It’s not as easy as it sounds.  Thoughts can wonder when someone else is talking, but if you practice it does become easier and will help you absorb more of the information you hear in class.

Focus: learning to switch off from all other distractions and give your subject your total attention will also help you absorb what you are learning.  When you are studying turn your phone off and put it out of reach – it’s the enemy of focus!

Determination & resilience: sometimes there are setbacks.  If an assessment doesn’t go well, speak to your tutor and use past paper to find out what went wrong.  Have the resilience to pick yourself up and then channel that determination to make sure you do succeed.

Curiosity: don’t be content to just read your study guide.  Really get to know your subject, read business news, watch podcasts, get involved in class discussions (face to face or vitual) see how the things you learn in class play out in real life.  This will lay foundation to enable you to develop a deeper level of understanding which will help you not just in your assessments but throughout your career.

Passion & enthusiasm:  love your studies, knowledge is a great thing, develop a passion for learning and your life will always be filled with wonder.