Chuu Shwe Cin, Myanmar – Top Paper Award in Quantitative Methods for Business Management studied at PS Business School

Chuu Shwe CinI chose to study ABE because it is globally recognised and I believe it was a great pathway to an MBA. By learning ABE at PS Business School, I am also gain much knowledge about business practices.

ABE is one of the well-known courses among young learners and fresh graduates here in Myanmar. For employers, they too are becoming aware of this course and this creates some opportunities for ABE students.

After I have completed QCF Level 6, I will find a job to get experience for about two years and then I will study abroad for an MBA.

The best thing about ABE is that I can learn all the courses in any order over any time period. I have gained much knowledge from classmates, as they are from different business environments, and I have developed many skills such as communication, management and presentation.

In addition, I have gained experience from class presentations and the study tours which are organised by PS Business School.  My long-term career plan for the future is that I want to be a lecturer or facilitator after I have achieved my MBA. And, if I have a chance, I also want to apply what I have studied in a business field and at the same time.