Cindy Alexander, Trinidad and Tobago – Top Paper Award in Human Resource Management studied at School of Business and Computer Science - Trincity

Cindy AlexanderI am Cindy Alexander of Trinidad and Tobago, the eldest of four children. I am married to a supportive husband, and we have a wonderful ten year old son, who is precious to us. 

In my earlier years, I studied at the Eastern Caribbean Institute of Agriculture and Forestry where I obtained a Diploma in Agriculture. I have been employed in the Public Service for the past 23 years and currently work in the border protection arm of the Service.

During my tenure working in the Public Service, I revelled in my job security and was contented with the career path opportunities afforded to me based on increased experience and seniority. As such I had little incentive to pursue further study.

Nevertheless, innately I am fuelled by a need for continued advancement and welcome opportunities for continued learning. My mindset change was cemented with the Government's decision to restructure the Service. In this new entity, opportunity for promotion would have been based on merit and not simply on seniority as in the past. I decided to leverage the opportunity for upward movement and career mobility. ABE provided the platform to achieve this objective.

I opted for ABE among a myriad of other options, as the programme offers the right mix of modules, at an affordable cost and flexible timing so I could achieve a work, life and study balance. For this reason, coupled with its resource material and on-line support, ABE was my preferred choice of study. The mix of modules offered by ABE, has allowed me to improve my written and communication skills, interpersonal skills and have also made me more adaptable to the changes in the environment in which I work. I am striving to become a more active listener and team player.

I study at the School of Business and Computer Science (SBCS) which is close to where I live and work. I have completed several short courses at the institution and found the facilities to be comfortable, student-oriented and as such the environment motivated me to want to achieve more. Their qualified teachers facilitated the learning process through their well -prepared lectures and competent delivery. I found them to be passionate about what they do and to go the extra mile when the students engage them during class presentations. They have been supportive and resourceful in their approach to teaching.

I want to encourage students to prepare for class by reading to familiarise themselves with the subject matter. I also strongly advise that in every way students should ensure that they understand the concepts being taught by first paying attention and asking many questions until the concept is grasped. Each student’s main goal should therefore not only be excelling the course but of equal importance, putting what is learnt into practice. With this strategy, success is sure to follow.

I plan to continue studying until I can satisfy what appears to be my insatiable quest for continued learning and development. My work schedule makes it difficult sometimes, but even if it means completing one module every six months, I will persevere with God’s grace.

Thank you ABE, thank you SBCS, thanks to my supportive family and thank you Jesus.