Clifton Moffat, Malawi - Top Paper Award in Marketing Information Systems, studied at Lilongwe Technical College

Clifton MoffatI am the first born in a family of three boys, raised by a single mother. I chose to study ABE qualifications as it is one of the most recognised and best boards for me to gain an international qualification which can take me anywhere in the world. Being one of the hardest and at the same time enjoyable courses, I thought I would face challenges but at the same time gain vast experience in researching and studying hard in order to achieve the best outcomes.

In the past it was hard for both public and private employers to trust the capabilities of a person who didn’t go to the public universities. As of now things are changing, ABE tends to be the number one source of employees as it supplies most of its students to different organisations in the commercial sector. 

My immediate plan after completing the Level 5 Diploma is to find work or run my own small business and practise the concepts, models and skills I have learned through the ABE qualifications. Still, I want to continue studying and exploring more with ABE as we say: learning never ends.

It is nice to study with ABE as you get exposed to different tactics in the business environment. ABE is affordable as a result many people around the world, even from poor countries, can afford to pursue their dreams.

I have gained many skills from studying with ABE among them are taking information research very seriously. ABE has taught me how to live and how to relate with different people both in an organisation and community setting.

My tips for success are: put God first, have good time management and goals because that’s the only way to measure your progress. Also, study recommended ABE materials, research more and, if necessary, ask for help if you are having problems in understanding.      

My long long-term plans for the future are to study ABE up to the highest level and become an ABE lecturer, inspiring my fellow ABE students.