Danai Bvukumbwe, Zimbabwe - Top Paper Award in Travel, Tourism and Hospitality Operations Management, studied at Trust Academy

Danai Leanne BvukumbweI am the eldest born in a family of two.  I have always been a driven and focused young lady.  My education means a lot to me because it is a stepping stone to get to where I want to be in life. I completed high school up to advanced level  before choosing to study with ABE.

I chose ABE because it is globally recognised,  affordable and offers great programmes which are useful in today's society.  ABE is well accepted and it is easy to get a job if you have an ABE certificate.  ABE offers study manuals and the modules have relevant information which applies in the tourism industry.

I have  become hardworking as a result of the effort I put in preparation of ABE examinations .  But my advice is do not strain yourself  take breaks when you study in order to refresh your mind.     

In the long-term I plan to be part of the senior management of a big tourism organisation.