Debora Mbah Keng, Cameroon – Top Paper Award in People Planning and Resourcing studied at Institute of Management and Financial Accounting

Debora Mbah Keng I was born 1993 to a Cameroonian family of eight. From secondary education I enrolled with (IMFA) Institute of Management and Financial Accounting, Buea where I decide to study ABE.  I am currently a full-time student taking internships when free.

It has always been my passion to manage resources efficiently and effectively, especially people, which are the organisation’s most valuable asset.  Due to financial difficulties, my immediate plan is to try as much as possible to implement and put in to practice what I have studied so far in an organisation, either by direct employment or through internships and voluntary services.

The best thing about my ABE studies is that it helps me know the various departments in an organisation and its activities. It has also helped me in managing different resources especially time, money and people.  I have learnt the skills of discipline, resolving conflicts, recruiting suitable candidates and time management.

After putting in to practice what I have studied, depending on my financial strength, I plan to continue my studies to Masters level and then pursue the MBA programme offered by an ABE partner.