Dhavini Chummun, Mauritius – Top Paper Award in Introduction to Quantitative Methods studied at YK Business School

Picture of Dhavini ChummunI am a 20 year old student from Mauritius. After having successfully completed my Higher School Certificate with a science background, I wanted to discover the world of business. I looked for many options, until I came across the Associate of Business Executives (ABE) at an international education fair. We are six in my family. My father is an Account Executive in the Banking sector and my mother is an Educator. I have a younger brother and adorable and supportive grandparents.

According to me, ABE is a professional course providing such a huge platform with a wide diversity of subjects, including law, economics, business, and accounting among others, thus an all round and versatile course. It is highly affordable and has a worldwide reputation; being recognised by many reputable universities.

Employers in my country consider ABE as a complete course where students can develop many skill providing them the necessary knowledge needed to become high performers. 

After my current ABE qualification, I would like to continue with the next level and hopefully till Level 7.

The best thing about ABE is that it provides continuous support to its students. Members are always updated about new events and changes. ABE also provides comprehensive study manuals, past papers and marking schemes. It also gives the student the flexibility of studying while working.

ABE has taken my independent skills and confidence to another level. I am now a free thinker with a motivated spirit having the ability to develop a strategic perspective. My belief in hard work has been greatly strengthened and on that note I sincerely thank ABE.

Currently, I am studying a Bachelor Honours in Biology and, in addition, I intend to continue with ABE. I firmly believe that having a dual degree will increase my employability to a great extent.