Dinesh Manoj Sivagure | ABE UK

Dinesh Manoj Sivagure, Operations & Customer Service Manager, Aitken Spence Plc., Sri Lanka

“Hi, I am 35 years old and married with two lovely kids. I love my job as every day I use it to learn something new.

I am working at Aitken Spence Plc. Listed in the Colombo Stock Exchange, the company is a blue chip conglomerate with a strong regional presence in the hotels, travel, maritime services, logistic solutions, plantations, power generation, financial outsourcing, insurance, IT, printing and apparel sectors.

I have to ensure that all our operations going smoothly. We have a network of 3000+ sub agent partners around the country. In a very simple way my primary responsibility is to provide a better service to all our customers and agent partners.

As a person responsible for customer service, I have to make sure that all our customers are satisfied with the service provided by our network. In operations, I ensure all our systems are working without technical error. New sub agent registrations, branding (signs/stickers), performance training and many other activities are involved from time to time. To carry this out  I have a well-trained team of sixteen employees.  I enjoy experiencing different issues every day.

ABE was a great starting point. It provided me a good academic background which led me to complete my MBA successfully.

ABE is a ladder to move on to success within short period of time. It not only grows you on an academic level, it also makes you rich with many life experiences.”